IS ADDERALL METHAMPHETAMINE: Doctors often give medicines called stimulants, such as Adderall, to help people with ADHD and narcolepsy. These medicines help them stay focused, awake, and full of energy. When taken as the doctor says, Adderall can make it easier for these people to pay attention and think clearly.

But if someone doesn’t have ADHD or narcolepsy and takes Adderall without a doctor’s approval, it’s not safe and against the law. Keep reading to find out about what Adderall does, the possible dangers, and how it’s a bit like methamphetamine.


Adderall does things to your central nervous system. It makes your brain work faster by getting more of the special messengers called dopamine and norepinephrine ready to go. When this medicine is in your body, it can help with the disruptive symptoms of ADHD and narcolepsy. Also, Adderall effects on personality of a person.

If you use ADHD medicines like Adderall as the doctor tells you, they probably won’t make you want to keep using them all the time. But if you don’t really need Adderall because of a health problem, taking it can be dangerous. There’s no clear proof that this medicine helps people who don’t have narcolepsy or ADHD.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse says that using Adderall or other drugs like it for reasons other than ADHD and narcolepsy can make you want to keep using them in a bad way, either in your body or your mind.

National Institute on Drug Abuse

Adderall might make you feel nervous, give you a headache, dry up your mouth, make you lose weight, feel dizzy, have seizures, get scared for no reason, or have a super-fast or weird heartbeat. If you suddenly stop taking Adderall, you might feel bad because your body got used to it.

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ADDERALL VS METHAMPHETAMINE are both drugs that speed things up in the body. They’re kind of similar in how they’re made, but meth is way stronger than Adderall because it gets into the brain more. Meth also does more bad things and is easier to get hooked on.

People use meth in wrong ways like smoking Adderall, sniffing, sticking in the body, or swallowing. Meth makes you feel really good and excited fast, but then that feeling goes away quick, and you want it again. If you keep using meth, you might need more and more to feel good, and it can take over your life.

Meth has caused really big problems in many places. It makes crime and not having a job more common, and kids might not be taken care of. Using meth a lot can even make you see things that aren’t real, like bugs crawling on your skin.

Sometimes, even after you stop using meth, you might still see and think weird things. And pictures of brains from people who used meth a lot look different in parts that help you learn, feel things, make choices, and remember stuff.

Other than the brain and behaviour problems caused by using meth too much, people who use it for a long time also have physical issues. They lose a lot of weight, and their teeth get really bad because they don’t eat well. Besides the common “meth mouth” look, many meth users also get sores on their skin because they think there are bugs on them, and they scratch a lot.