Gracie Hunt’s dress, inspired by the Chiefs, leaves Instagram without words

Gracie Hunt’s dad, Clark Hunt, runs the Kansas City Chiefs, a football team. Her grandpa, Lamar Hunt, started the team. Her mom, Tavia Shackles, was almost Miss USA in 1993.

Gracie did what her mom did by becoming Miss Kansas in 2021 and competing in Miss USA in the same year. Now, she’s not doing beauty contests, but she mixes her parents’ interests with the Chiefs Style Lounge every year.

Gracie Hunt posted the latest news from the Chiefs Style Lounge

Gracie Hunt talked about the recent Chiefs Style Lounge, a yearly event to help the Chiefs Women’s Organization. She shared a video on Instagram with some words.

Gracie Hunt shared it on Instagram with a message:

“Taking football fashion to the next level at the Chiefs Style Lounge! T-24hours!❤️‍🔥💃🏼 #Chiefs #ChiefsKingdom #ChiefsStyleLounge #StyleLounge #Style #Fashion #KC #KansasCity #KCMO #Fashion #NFLStyle”

The video displays her running the event, taking pictures, putting on makeup, posing in front of a Chiefs-themed painting, and having fun with the guests. This time, people had to wear Chiefs Chic clothes at the Chiefs Style Lounge in 2023.

The 2023 Chiefs Style Lounge happened at The LEX, as the Chiefs’ website message mentions:

“An evening when fashion & football collide, this night out is your opportunity to see the latest in Chiefs apparel with special guests rocking Chiefs Chic. Shop from local, female-owned businesses, and more.”

Just like it was described, the event celebrated National Women’s Business Month by giving attention to local businesses owned by women.

KSHB41’s Dia Wall was one of the hosts, and they had a fashion show where models wore the newest Chiefs clothes. The Chiefs Women’s Organization also helps the community with things like giving building houses and diapers in Kansas City.

Gracie Hunt is more than a beauty queen

She got interested in staying fit because she was affected by Celiac Disease when she was a kid. Before she did beauty pageants, she used to play soccer.

After her time as a beauty queen, Gracie Hunt started running long distances. That’s why her website talks about fitness, doing good things for others, fashion, and football.

She also works on the team’s marketing. Gracie has two siblings, Knobel and Ava. Her brother plays for the Major League Soccer club FC Dallas.

Gracie Hunt’s quick and effective workout for burning calories in your stoamch

Gracie Hunt says the event is like a fun night out for girls, where you mix fashion and football. They have a fashion show and shopping to support local boutiques and help you get your wardrobe ready for game day. Gracie posted on Instagram, “The 12th annual Chiefs Style Lounge is happening on October 17th, and we want you to come!”

This is not the first time Gracie Hunt got attention for her fashion choices. She became famous last Sunday for her outfit during Week 3. She wrote, “In our Red Era.” It’s clear that Gracie loves football and also knows how to stand out with her fashion.

We are not sure if Gracie will be at the Chiefs game against the Jets this Sunday night, but there is news that Taylor Swift might be there. Fans are excited about this because it is likely to make NBC’s TV ratings really high.

Gracie is getting a lot of attention for her fashion style

However, it’s not just about the clothes. The Chiefs Style Lounge event helps local businesses, and it also does good things for the community. Gracie’s dad, Clark Hunt, is known for doing good things and giving back to the community. Gracie seems to be doing the same by using her influence to help others.

In a past interview, Gracie talked about why it is important to help others and use her position to do good things. She said, “I think it is important to use our position to do good and help the community that has given us so much. My family has always taught me this, and I want to keep doing it.”

People May Ask

Who is Gracie Hunt?

Gracie Hunt is the daughter of Clark Hunt, who co-owns and runs the Kansas City Chiefs. She was there when the team won the Super Bowl on February 12. The Hunt family has owned the Chiefs since they started in 1959 by Lamar Hunt, a founder of the American Football League.

Is Gracie Hunt a model?

Besides being well-liked on Instagram and loving football, Gracie is also a beauty queen. She won the title of Miss Kansas USA in 2021. She’s a model too and was on the cover of Maxim magazine in March/April of this year.

How much money does the Hunt family have?

Clark Hunt has a lot of money, around $2 billion. The whole Hunt family has a lot of money too, about $15.5 billion. Gracie’s grandpa, H.L. Hunt, was super rich in his time and passed his wealth to his 15 children.

What’s the religion of the Hunt family?

Clark Hunt is married to Tavia Shackles, who was Miss Missouri Teen USA and Miss Kansas USA. They have three kids. Gracie, their daughter, won Miss Kansas USA in 2021, following in her mom’s footsteps 28 years later. Clark Hunt is a Christian.

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