Ketamine Horse Tranquilizer

Ketamine is a man-made substance that doctors use for different medical reasons. Some people also use it as a fun but illegal drug.

Some call ketamine a horse-calming medicine, but that is not entirely right.

Is Ketamine A Horse Tranquilizer

Ketamine: A Horse Tranquilizer; Complete Guide- DATOS
Ketamine: A Horse Tranquilizer

Ketamine is a type of anesthetic that makes you feel numb and like you are not connected to what is around you. It can also make you calm and relieve pain.

Doctors usually give it through a shot into the muscles, and it can help reduce pain or make you lose consciousness during medical treatments.

Ketamine is allowed for use in people and other animals, including horses. Many animal doctors like to use ketamine to calm horses instead of gases like nitrous oxide. That is because ketamine is easier to give to them.

Is Ketamine Too Strong for People

When you hear that ketamine can calm down horses, you might think it is too strong and risky for humans.

However, the amount of ketamine vets use for horses and big animals is much more than what doctors give people. Doctors also figure out how much ketamine each person should get based on their age and weight.

So, ketamine is a safe and good way to make people not feel pain during surgery. Also, the FDA in the United States approved a special spray of ketamine for the nose to help treat really bad depression that does not get better with normal medicines.

Risks of Ketamine

Ketamine is safe when a doctor gives it, but it is really risky when people misuse it. Some people misuse ketamine to feel relaxed, super happy, or like their reality is different.

Many young folks who go to all-night dance parties called raves like to use ketamine. They usually buy it on the street, where they call it “Special K.”

You can get it as a liquid that you can inject or put in drinks or as a powder to snort or smoke. Sometimes, people mix it with other illegal drugs like heroin and cocaine.

If you misuse ketamine, it can lead to serious health problems, like:

K-Holes: A Very Strange Feeling

A K-hole is when you feel very, very separated from your body. It happens when you take a lot of ketamine. Some people say it is like almost dying. You might have these things:

  • Feeling really worried.
  • Not knowing where you are.
  • Getting all mixed up.
  • Thinking people want to hurt you.
  • Seeing, hearing, or feeling things that are not real.
  • Feeling like you want to throw up.
  • Changes in how your heart and blood pressure work.
  • Not being able to move or talk.

When you are in a K-hole, you could hurt yourself or others. For example, if you cannot feel anything and try to move, you might fall. Moreover, because you are so worried and mixed up, you might get upset and act in a violent way.

Hallucinogen Persisting Perception Disorder (HPPD)

If you use ketamine for a long time, you might get something called “Hallucinogen Persisting Perception Disorder” or HPPD. It is pretty rare and makes you keep feeling some ketamine effects even after you stop using it. You might see bright colours strange lights or feel like you are not really connected to what is around you.

These effects usually will not be as strong as when you were on ketamine, but they can make you very upset and even think about hurting yourself.

Right now, there is no medicine to cure HPPD, but lots of people with it find therapy and ways to relax helpful.

Overdosing Ketamine

If you take a lot of ketamine, it can be really bad, and that is called an overdose. Signs of an overdose can be:

  • Feeling like you want to throw up.
  • Pain in your chest.
  • Feeling all mixed up.
  • Being really worried.
  • Thinking people are out to get you.
  • Seeing, hearing, or feeling things that are not real.
  • Blood pressure is going really high.
  • Heart beating in a strange way.
  • Not being able to move.
  • Having seizures.
  • Passing out.

If you think you or someone else has taken too much ketamine, get help from a doctor right away. Not getting help can be really dangerous and even life-threatening.

Addiction to Ketamine

If you keep using ketamine too much, you might become addicted to it. The main sign of ketamine addiction is when your body gets used to it, and you need more and more to feel the same.

When you are addicted to ketamine and try to stop, you might feel bad. You could have things like:

  • Feeling like you want to throw up.
  • Shaking.
  • Getting easily annoyed.
  • Feeling really tired.
  • Being mixed up.
  • Not being able to move well.

Feeling like you are not connected to what is real, and you might even see or believe things that are not there.
Most people who are addicted to ketamine need help from professionals. In treatment, you can get things like:

  • Medical help to stop using ketamine without feeling too sick.
  • Talking to someone about how to control your cravings.
  • Meeting others who are also trying to stop using drugs.
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