Where is Amber Wright Now? Revealed!

Where is Amber Wright Now? Revealed!

Where is Amber Wright at present? We provide information on the current whereabouts of one of Seath Jackson’s killers and identify her mother. This article includes details that might be upsetting for some readers.

Amber Wright was involved in the killing of the young boy, Seath Jackson. She resided in the countryside city of Belleview in Florida. Along with four others, she plotted to end his life, which was part of a growing conflict between Seath, Amber, and Michael Bargo. The dispute revolved around the relationship between Seath and Amber and its unfortunate conclusion.

Seath was merely 14 years old when he began dating Amber, and they were always together. However, they separated in March 2011 and became entangled in an online argument that sadly spilled over into the real world.

Amber was the one who enticed Seath to the location of his demise, and she was subsequently apprehended and imprisoned for her role in the killing. The crime stunned the local community, particularly due to its violent nature and the young age of the perpetrators.

Biography of Amber Wright

Full NameAmber Wright
Known ForInvolved in the murder of Seath Jackson
Birth Year1996 (approximate)
Place of ResidenceBelleview, Florida
Significant RelationshipsSeath Jackson (Ex-boyfriend), Michael Bargo (Boyfriend at the time of the incident)
Legal StatusConvicted of first-degree murder, serving a life sentence
Current LocationHomestead Correctional Institution in Miami-Dade County, Florida
Next Review of Sentence2041

What happened to Amber Wright?

Seath Jackson was just 15 years old when his former girlfriend Amber, who was also 15; new boyfriend of Amber, Michael Bargo, who was 18; Amber’s stepbrother Kyle Hooper, who was 16; Justin Soto, who was 20; and Amber’s friend Charlie Ely, who was 18, cruelly took his life in Belleview, a town in Florida, in April 2011.

After Amber and Seath ended their relationship, they exchanged nasty messages on Facebook. Amber then began seeing Michael, who mistakenly thought that Seath had mistreated Amber during their relationship.

During this period, Michael Bargo was living with Charlie Ely and Kyle Hooper in Charlie’s house.

A week before his death, Seath received threats from Michael, and Kyle was angry with Seath because he was involved with a girl he liked.

Court papers showed that Kyle had sent a message to a girl about his plan to kill Seath. On April 17, 2011, Michael, Amber, and others came up with a scheme to end Seath’s life.

Amber was supposed to bring Seath to Charlie’s house by sending him a message, hinting that she wanted to fix their problems and get back together.

However, when Seath got there, he was attacked by Michael, Kyle, Justin, and Charlie, who also hurt him badly. Seath was shot many times with a small gun and his knee was badly damaged.

Seath’s body was thrown into a firepit and burned. The next day, Michael and Justin put the ashes and leftover body parts into paint cans and threw them into the water at a nearby stone pit.

Amber, Kyle, and Charlie cleaned up the house, but later, signs of the crime were found.

Where is Amber Wright Now?

Amber Wright is presently carrying out her jail term at the Homestead Correctional Institution located in Miami-Dade County, Florida. She will stay there until the completion of her sentence.

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How long will Amber Wright serve in prison?

Amber was involved in the killing of Seath Jackson. Because of this, she was found guilty of a very serious crime called first-degree murder. In 2012, a judge named David Eddy gave her a life sentence, which means she has to spend the rest of her life in jail. Judge Eddy said that this was the worst crime he had ever seen.

But that’s not the end of the story. Later, a higher court said that there was a mistake in her trial, so her guilty verdict was cancelled. This meant Amber had to go to court again in 2016. Once again, she was found guilty of first-degree murder and was given a life sentence. This time, the judge was Anthony Tatti.

A newspaper called the Ocala StarBanner reported that Judge Tatti said some very serious things. He said he had never seen or heard of anything worse than what happened to Seath Jackson. He hoped that the reason for all this was something like a chemical problem in the brain or a brain that wasn’t fully grown up yet. He found it very hard to understand how such a bad thing could happen without a reason.

Amber’s life sentence will be looked at again 25 years after it started. This means it will be reviewed in 2041.

Who is the mother of Amber Wright?

Amber’s mother is named Tracey Wright. The court asked her to come and give some information. Wright said that she had told Deputy Sheriff David Rasnick that Kyle Hooper knew something about Seath Jackson going missing.

Tracey Wright is married to Duane Hooper, who also spoke in court. He talked about what happened in their area before Jackson died.

He said that he had gone to Jackson’s house before to try and sort out problems between him and Michael Bargo Sr, who is the father of the person who killed Seath. But Jackson’s parents were not at home when he went there.

Duane Hooper said that he had looked after Michael Bargo Jr. like he was his own son. Around the time Seath was killed, he noticed that Bargo was acting differently and thought he might be using drugs.

People May Ask

How long did Amber Wright get in jail? 

Amber Wright was convicted of first-degree murder and received a life sentence in 2012. Her sentence will be reviewed after 25 years.

How did Charlie Ely get released? 

Charlie Ely was released because a federal judge agreed that her counsel at the trial had been ineffective. Due to this ruling, she was eligible for a new trial. She entered a plea to a lesser charge, second-degree murder, and was sentenced to a 10-year prison term.

Will Amber Wright get out? 

Amber Wright is currently serving her prison sentence at the Homestead Correctional Institution in Miami-Dade County, Florida. She will remain there until her sentence is finished.

Where is Justin Soto now? 

Justin Soto is currently in prison, where he will spend the rest of his life. He will never be released from jail, as the sentence he was given forbids him the chance of parole.