Blue Xanax: What it Does and Why We Should Be Careful

It’s good to know there’s a medicine that can help make anxiety and panic attacks feel better. But these medicines can have downsides too. They can make you feel calm, which might make some people use them the wrong way.

One of these medicines is called Xanax. It’s well-known for helping with anxiety and panic attacks. If you take it like the doctor says, it can work well. But if you use it too much or in the wrong way, you might start to rely on it too much, both physically and mentally, and that could lead to addiction.

Blue Xanax is a type of this medicine that looks different because it’s blue. This article talks about the possible bad effects and the risk of getting addicted if you use blue Xanax.

Understanding Xanax

Xanax is a kind of medicine that helps with a problem called “generalized anxiety disorder” or GAD.

Xanax is a very common medicine for calming nerves. People often use the name “Xanax” to talk about this kind of medicine, even though there are other versions too.

The medicine belongs to a group called “benzodiazepines.” These medicines make you feel more relaxed and can help with strong pain, trouble sleeping, and feeling too nervous. Doctors often give them to people who feel very anxious, and lots of people in the U.S. get prescriptions for them.

When you take a benzodiazepine, it helps a chemical in your brain called GABA work better. This chemical makes you less scared and worried. It also slows down some things in your body, like your heart rate and breathing. This medicine can help you feel sleepy, less stressed, and stop seizures.

Benzodiazepines are a certain type of medicine that’s not very likely to be misused or make you addicted.

Comparing Blue Xanax Bars with Xanax Pills

Xanax comes in two forms: bars and pills. These shapes show how much medicine is inside and help doctors, pharmacists, and people who use them.

Xanax is a strong medicine, so we need to know how much is in each form.

Both the Xanax pill and tablet have lines to help break them into smaller pieces.

Doctors often give the anxiety pill. It has one milligram of medicine. People call it a “football” because of its shape. It can be split in half to get half a milligram.

The bar is for more serious anxiety. It has two milligrams. It can be split into two or four pieces.

At first, doctors give a tiny bit of medicine. Later, they might give more. People shouldn’t take more than four milligrams a day, in a few doses.

Different Types of Xanax Bars

Besides the shape, you can also tell Xanax apart by looking at its color. Colors show how strong the medicine is and who made it.

Here are some colors of Xanax:

Blue Xanax Bar:

Blue Xanax is common. The bars have 2 mg, while blue pills have 1 mg. People call the pills “blue football alprazolam” because they look like that.

White Xanax Bar:

White bars are often given. They have 2 mg that can be split into four 0.25 doses. They work well for anxiety but can be harmful if used wrong.

Yellow Xanax Bar:

Yellow bars are like white ones. They’re called “yellow school bus” because they look like it. Both have 2 mg. Colors change because different companies make them.

Green Xanax Bar:

There’s also a green Xanax bar with 2 mg of medicine. It’s made by a different company. It works the same as white and yellow ones.

Green Xanax can look different:

  • An oval green pill has 1 mg (called “green football”).
  • A green bar has 2 mg, but it can be split into three.
  • A triangle green pill is 3 mg, the strongest dose.

Orange Xanax Bar:

The orange Xanax bar is also called “peach Xanax” or “orange alprazolam.” It’s oval and has a small amount, 0.5 mg. It helps with mild anxiety. Since it’s not strong, people can take the whole bar without worrying about taking too much.

Purple Xanax Bar:

The purple Xanax bar has 2 mg. It’s usually oval and can be split in two. A big company named Pfizer often makes it. Another company, Mylan Pharmaceuticals, makes a round purple pill with the code M A23.

Spotting Fake Xanax:

Real Xanax needs a doctor’s note to buy. It’s controlled because it can be addictive. Fake Xanax is a problem. The Drug Enforcement Administration says fake Xanax is often sold illegally. Many people fake it because real Xanax is popular. Fake Xanax is dangerous and can be addictive.

Fake Xanax Pills and Bars:

Fake Xanax bars and pills are not real and can be very dangerous. They’re made with fake stuff that can be worse than real medicine like alprazolam. People who use these fake drugs don’t know what’s in them, and that can cause problems because the ingredients might have bad effects that nobody knows about.

On the street, people use different names for Xanax and other similar medicines. Some of these names are:

  • Xan
  • Bars
  • Xannies or Zannies
  • Ladders
  • French fries
  • Footballs (green footballs, blue footballs, etc.)
  • Yellow school bus
  • Benzos
  • White girls
  • Yellow boys
  • Z-bars or Zanbars
  • Planks
  • White boys
  • Peaches
  • Bicycle parts
  • Totem poles
  • Upbars
  • Handlebars

If you see these names when buying Xanax, it might not be real medicine. Fake Xanax is very strong and can hurt you. It might have dangerous things like fentanyl and other strong drugs in it.

Blue Xanax Side Effects

Xanax helps with anxiety. It makes your body and mind calm by working with something called GABA. It also slows down your nervous system.

But, using blue Xanax might have some effects, like:

  • Hard to breathe
  • Can’t control body well
  • Shaky hands
  • Strong reactions to sound and light
  • Can’t sleep
  • Feel annoyed easily
  • Mood changes
  • Vision not clear
  • Feel like spinning
  • Very sleepy
  • Head hurts
  • Might feel sick
  • Feel mixed up
  • Mouth feels dry
  • Talk like you’re sleepy
  • Can’t focus
  • Forget things
  • Stomach hurts
  • Very tired
  • Feel sad

It’s really important not to mix blue Xanax with other drugs like birth control, antidepressants, antibiotics, or cold medicine. If you’re taking any of these, you have to tell your doctor before taking any type or color of Xanax.

How Blue Xanax Can Make You Want More

Usually, taking Xanax as the doctor says is safe for a short time. But some people take more than they should to feel even calmer or for longer. Some people use Xanax for fun. Doing this can make you need more of the drug to feel the same, and then you might become dependent on it.

When you’re dependent on Xanax, you might have trouble acting like usual. This could make you use Xanax even more, which can make you get addicted. Using Xanax too much can also make you really sick, and it might be life-threatening.

Because blue Xanax can make you want more and more, you should only take it how your doctor tells you. If you’re having problems with blue Xanax, you need to ask for help right away.

Symptoms of Xanax Withdrawal

When people use Xanax a lot and then stop or take less, they might feel bad. This can happen to their body and mind.

Some common body feelings are:

  • Head hurts
  • Feel like spinning
  • Body hurts
  • Can’t see clearly
  • Feel sick and throw up
  • Sweat a lot
  • Shiver or shake
  • Shaking a lot (seizures).
  • Also, in the mind, they might:
  • Feel more scared
  • Feel really annoyed
  • Feel sad
  • Feel like someone’s after them
  • Get mixed up
  • Can’t sleep
  • Feel super scared
  • See things that aren’t there.

Don’t ignore these signs. If you have these feelings, don’t wait until they get worse. Ask a doctor for help as soon as possible.

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