All About Zach Wilson’s Girlfriend, Nicolette Dellanno

Zach Wilson and his Girlfriend

In June 2022, Zach Wilson and Nicolette Dellanno were spotted in public TOGETHER for the first time at a New York Yankees baseball game. Zach Wilson of the New York Jets is dating his girlfriend Nicolette Dellanno since June 2022.

At various points during this period, they offered their fans an inside view of their relationship via social media when they posted images of meetings in New Jersey and New York City, whether it was Dellanno ‘s birth state or the Jets ‘.

Aside from the good times, they have also witnessed some controversy. About a month ago, the two started dating but controversy rose when Wilson’s ex-girlfriend Abbey Gile posted on Instagram that he was “bedding his mommy’s best friend…”

Although Dellanno has been less forthcoming in public about her relationship with the Jets’ quarter-back, Wilson and his girlfriend, ever since things appeared to have calmed down for them a few months ago, one of them disclosed that “Our June 2023 holiday together with my family was amazing.

Who is the girlfriend of Zach Wilson? Nicolette Dellanno and her liaison with the NFL star:

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She belongs to New Jersey

2001, Dellanno grew up in Colts Neck, New Jersey. Although she loves travelling, she still lives in the Garden State, and her biography on the official account of Instagram is simply “nj.”

As she was growing up, she would pose for various companies like Target. Dellanno also took part in school performances of Annie, Alice in Wonderland and Li’l Abner .

2020 was her graduation year from Red Bank Catholic High School. She attended college that same year at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia and was a member of the Alpha Phi sorority.

2022 found her dating Wilson

Wilson told Deseret News that he and Dellanno have dated “for a year or so” starting June 2023.

The first reported romantic connection between the couple appeared in June 2022 when they were spotted attending a baseball game by New York Yankees. In the same summer Dellanno and Wilson went to yet another game at Yankee Stadium in August.

But earlier this year, in May, the two were spotted standing next to each other on social media before their first public outing. early November, Wilson was tagged in a photo with Dellanno at a New York Mets game.

She was also with Wilson on Sophia Culpo’s Instagram Story over Memorial Day weekend. Culpo posted several photos from her friend’s trip with her then-boyfriend Jets wide receiver Wilson, Braxton Berrios, and Dellanno, as well as Jets tight end C.J Uzomah etc.

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She was a dancer

Dellanno grew up dancing. Kathy, a co-managing director and co-founder of Pure Dance Competition is her mother. In her company bio, Kathy says that two of her daughters have been dancing since they were three years old and were “dedicated competitive dancers”, each has studied a range of styles.

Dellanno has transformed her dance steps to TikTok and currently has over 244 thousand followers. She has posted videos of her dancing with her friends, hanging out with her mom and fitting into clothes.

“Who would have thought I still have dancer knees lol,” she titled a September 2021 clip where Dellanno can be seen dancing in an over-sized “LBI” sweatshirt as her mom runs around picking up laundry.

On the other hand, Dellanno has been active on Instagram in 2023, where she currently enjoys over 43K followers. She frequently posts photos of her life in New York and New Jersey on her grid, shots of herself with Wilson, as well as multiple beach vacation ones.

When Wilson tells Deseret News, “She used to do some TikTok stuff for fun,” it might imply that Dellanno’s TikTok days are going slower than before or they may be pretty much over.

She and Wilson have taken vacations with one another’s families

In the early summer of June 2023, Wilson trained in his home state of Utah. He told Deseret News he would ” take a short holiday with my girlfriend’s family” before the Jets’ training camp began on July 18.

Photos on Instagram show that the Dellannos spent some days in the Bahamas. The influencer posted photos of Wilson and her family and wrote “on vacation” under her post.

Dellanno also had time with Wilson’s family; he traveled to Utah for the Memorial Day weekend in 2023. As reported by the outlet, they took her to Lake Powell, Arizona, Park City, Utah, and Wilson Cabin in American Fork Canyon.

Wilson told some news channels, “This is totally different than where she is from in New Jersey. She really enjoyed it. She said she likes it out here”, adding that his family liked her visit 29.

People May Also Ask

Is Zach Wilson dating anyone?

NFL QB Zach Wilson is dating, and it is not his mommy’s best friend. He is dating Nicolette Dellanno, so all the Moms will likely be okay.

Is Lisa Wilson married?

Michael and Lisa Wilson. On March 8, 1997, Mike and Lisa got married. Twenty-four years into their married life, Lisa uploaded an emotional video of herself to her husband on Instagram. “Twenty-four years ago today, I married the hunk of burnin’ love,” Lisa started.

What is Zach Wilson’s salary?

Zach Wilson signed a contract with the Jets in 2021 for four years. According to the agreement, Wilson will earn $35,150,681, which contains a signing bonus of $22,924,132. The average annual salary for a fully guaranteed contract is $8,787,670.

Who is Zach Wilson’s family?

Lisa Wilson and Michael Wilson brought forth Zach Wilson. 26 years ago, in 2023, Lisa and Michael were married.

What happened to Will Levi’s girlfriend?

While Levis was about to start his rookie season, the website “Pardon My Take” of Barstool Sports claimed that they ended their three years together. Duddy, a social media personality, relocated to Nashville also before the onset of the 2023 season.

Is Zach Wilson’s dad Hawaiian?

Personal life. Michael and Lisa Wilson and Neeleman had three sons and two daughters, including Wilson. On his father’s side, he is half Hawaiian; in the Hawaiian language, his middle name Kapono means “righteous”.