Gia Duddy Reportedly Reunites with Will Levis Following His Rookie Performance with the Titans


Will Levis and his girlfriend, Gia Duddy, became an overnight sensation after the 2023 NFL draft ended. The duo became fast sensations as one of the most discussed couples in the league, with Duddy’s number of followers on social media nearly doubling from their viral spot.

During the beginning of the season, Duddy took a major step and moved to Nashville for both career and Levis.

However, they had a turbulent period and ended up breaking up during the early part of the NFL season. Fans fueled speculation since they were missing at public events from August.

Soon after, country music star Morgan Wallen was associated with Duddy.

Now, it seems that they are trying to fix their relationship, the first small indicator of which is a social media post by Duddy with a picture of some Titans game in the background.

Our insider tells us they are, in fact, back on good terms; however, they have not officially announced that their relationship is restored yet.

Both Duddy and Levis are still following each other on Instagram, and there are no deleted images from the last time on Duddy’s side. Their relationship has always been quite public since its emergence in the attention of many.

Duddy has also been building her online presence through brand partnerships and influencer posts on platforms like TikTok and Instagram.

While Will Levis caught a lot of attention come draft night, Duddy’s viral sequences with the Titans QB won her sponsorship deals, such as a partnership with Burger King.

On “The Mid Show, ” Levis,” proud of his then-girlfriend, said, “The one positive thing that my family got out of draft night was the social media attention that my sisters and girlfriend got.” So, that was good. … She just made a Burger King contract.”

Subscribers to Duddy also doubled overnight, and Levis joked about distributing the benefits.

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Levis has deleted all of Duddy’s photos from his social media, but he still follows her. On the other hand, Duddy’s feed continues to include pictures of Levis.

We will follow this situation further, but it seems like Duddy and Titans QB1 are reunited for now.

People May Also Ask

Who is Gia Duddy, and how did she become famous?

The cameras revealed the faces of the beautiful influencer, as Duddy instantly became a national celebrity during that evening. Duddy’s social media accounts became popular after her appearance on the Draft night and earned her new collaborations. She now has Instagram followers 214,000 and TikTok fans amounting to 552 OOO.

How Gia Duddy managed to meet Will Levis?

Levis and Duddy are Penn State classmates. After redshirting his first year, he played two seasons for the Nittany Lions. In 2021, he moved to Kentucky after completing a bachelor’s degree in finance at Penn State.

What college did Gia Duddy attend?

Less than two weeks earlier, Gia had shared on Instagram that she had graduated from Penn State University – showing public support to Levis 23 at the 2023 NFL Draft in Kansas City.

What is Will Levis salary?

Will Levis sign a four-year deal with the Titans worth about $9.5 million? He earns an average annual salary of $2.3 million per annum.