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In Florida, there are various kinds of drug-related crimes, and drug trafficking attorney is the most serious one. To combat drugs, the state strongly goes after drug traffickers. So, if someone is proven guilty of this offence, they face very harsh punishments. Because the penalties are very severe, it is essential to know what drug trafficking means in Florida.

In Florida, drug trafficking means purposefully selling, bringing in, making, giving, buying, or having illegal drugs. If the amount of drugs involved goes beyond certain limits set by the law, it is considered a drug trafficking offence. This crime has a mandatory minimum punishment, and someone convicted could be imprisoned for up to 30 years.

A drug trafficking charge is taken very seriously, and if someone is found guilty, they may face costly fines, a long time in jail, and lose certain rights. Drug crimes might seem alike if you are not familiar with the law. So, below is more info to help you grasp what a drug trafficking attorney offence is and what punishments it carries.

What Does Drug Trafficking Attorney Mean in Florida?

In Florida, drug trafficking attorney does not only refer to big drug operations that make or sell illegal substances. Actually, as per the Florida Statutes § 893.135, if someone knowingly sells, imports, delivers, makes, or has too much of a drug, they could be accused of drug trafficking.

To put it simply, having drugs can turn into a drug trafficking attorney if the quantity of drugs is much higher than the allowed limits. Moreover, drug trafficking does not just involve illegal drugs like heroin, cocaine, or marijuana – it also includes prescription drugs that are controlled by the law.

Here are examples of limits for certain common drugs. If someone in Florida has more drugs than these amounts, they could face drug trafficking charges:

DrugThreshold Amount
Cannabis300 plants or 25 pounds
Cocaine28 grams
Heroin4 grams
Fentanyl 4 grams
LSD 1 grams
Hydrocodone14 gram
Methamphetamine14 grams
MDMA 10 grams

If you are charged with drug trafficking in Florida, you may be required to serve a minimum sentence, which means you have to spend a certain amount of time in jail at least. Since these charges are very serious, it is crucial to get help from a skilled lawyer who knows about criminal cases.

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Consequences for Drug Trafficking Attorney in Florida

In Florida, drug trafficking attorney is seen as the most serious type of crime and is considered a first-degree felony. If someone is found guilty, they could be sent to prison for up to 30 years. What is different from other drug crimes is that drug trafficking has a required minimum punishment, which can vary based on the type and amount of drugs involved.

If the judge decides the person is guilty of drug trafficking attorney, they have to serve a minimum sentence, and it does not matter what the specific details of the crime or the person are. Even if it is their first offence, they cannot lower the punishment set by the mandatory minimum sentence.

In Florida, the minimum time someone must spend in jail is decided based on the kind and quantity of the illegal drug involved in the crime. The Florida Statute § 893.135 outlines several typical mandatory minimum sentences for drug trafficking. Here are some examples:


25 to 2,000 pounds or 300 plants (or more)3 years$25,000
2,000 to 10,000 pounds or 2,000 plants (or more)7 years$50,000
More than 10,000 pounds or plants15 years$250,000


4 gr to 14 gr3 years$50,000
14 gr to 28 grm15 years$100,000
28 gr to 30 kilograms25 years$500,000
More than 30 kilogramsLife imprisonment$500,000
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28 gr to 200 gr3 years$50,000
200 gr to 400 gr7 years$100,000
400 gr to 150 kilograms15 years$250,000


14 gr to 28 gr3 years$50,000
28 gr to 200 gr7 years$100,000
More than 200 gr15 years$250,000
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14 gr to 28 gr3 years$50,000
28 gr to 50 gr7 years$100,000
50 gr to 200 gr15 years$500,000
200 gr to 30 kilograms25 years$750,000
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Apart from the punishments mentioned earlier, if you are found guilty of drug trafficking, you will also face other consequences. These include losing your licenses for work and driving, not being allowed to vote or have a gun, and your properties and belongings may be taken away. Moreover, the penalties will be even more severe if the crime is considered a federal offence.

Drug trafficking is a serious crime, and if you are proven guilty, there are harsh punishments. To build a strong defence, you should get support from a criminal lawyer who knows about drug crimes.

How to Defend Against Drug Trafficking Attorney Charges in Florida

Many people think drug trafficking only involves large operations, but in Florida, even having a lot of illegal drugs can lead to this charge. Since the penalties for drug trafficking are more serious than other drug crimes, the person accused needs a strong defence.

When it comes to drug trafficking crimes, our drug lawyers in Florida have various defences they can use. Some of these defences include:

Entrapment: In certain drug cases, police officers may have pushed or forced someone to do illegal things, like buying or selling drugs. If defendants were trapped like this, their lawyer could use it as a strong defence to help their case.

Illegal search and seizure: The Fourth Amendment guards us against unfair searches and taking things without a proper reason. So, any proof gathered in such an unlawful way cannot be used in a trial.

Insufficient evidence: To prove someone is guilty of drug trafficking in Florida, the prosecutor must show strong evidence that the person knew about the illegal drugs and had more than the allowed amount.

If the proof is insufficient or lacking, your drug crime lawyer will use this in your defence.

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