Delete Hulu account and history: Simple Steps

Delete Hulu account and history

There are a lot of ways to watch shows and movies online, and it can get expensive. If you need to save money and decide not to use Hulu anymore, we can guide you on how to cancel your Hulu subscription and remove your viewing history.

QUICK ANSWER: To remove your Hulu account and its watch history, first, sign in on the Hulu website. Most of the steps to delete an account are done on their site, even from your phone or tablet. When you pick the account you want to cancel on Hulu’s account settings page, you’ll get one last message to make sure you really want to delete it.

How to delete Hulu account on the web

  1. Visit
  2. Sign in like you normally do.
  3. Click on the profile of the person who owns the account.
  4. Click on the name at the top-right to get to the “Manage Your Account” page.
  5. Look for “Privacy and Settings” at the bottom right of the page. If you’re in California, click “California Privacy Rights,” or click “US State Privacy Rights” for other states.
  6. Find “Right to Delete” on the bottom left and click “Start Deletion.”
  7. The steps might look a bit different if you clicked “US State Privacy Rights,” but you’ll still click “Start Deletion.”

Next, you’ll get a message warning you about what happens if you delete your Hulu account. You can choose to delete it right away or wait until your payment period is over. Either way, you need to click “Start Deletion” to finish the process.

How to delete Hulu account on Android

To simplify the steps for deleting your Hulu account in the app:

  • Open the Hulu app and sign in if it asks you to.
  • Choose the profile of the person who has the main account.
  • Hit Account at the bottom right.
  • Tap Account one more time.
  • Go down to Privacy and Settings. If you’re in California, tap on “California Privacy Rights,” or tap “US State Privacy Rights” for other places.
  • Look for “Right to Delete” and press “Start Deletion.”
  • A page will pop up telling you what happens if you delete your account. You can decide to delete it now or wait until your current payment period ends. To finish, press “Start Deletion.

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How to delete a Hulu profile on Hulu’s website

To delete someone else’s profile on Hulu if you’re the main account holder, follow these easy steps:

  1. Head to
  2. Log in like you always do.
  3. Click on the main account holder’s profile.
  4. Click on the Profiles tab, which is on the top left.
  5. You’ll see all the profiles linked to your account. Click the edit icon next to the profile you want to remove.
  6. At the bottom of the edit page, there’s a big red Delete Profile button. Click it.
  7. And that’s it, you’re all set!

How to remove Hulu watch history on the web

To clear your watch history on Hulu using the web, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Do the same first five steps as in the “How to delete Hulu account on the web” section we talked about before.
  2. Look for the Manage Activity area on the right side of the page.
  3. Click on the Watch History box at the top.
  4. At the bottom, click the Clear Selected button.

After this, your Hulu watch history will be cleaned.

How to remove Hulu watch history on Android

To clear your Hulu watch history on an Android device, just do the following:

  1. Follow the initial five steps from the “How to delete Hulu account Android” section we discussed earlier.
  2. Move down to the Manage Activity section.
  3. Tap the Watch History box at the top.
  4. Then, tap the Clear Selected button at the bottom.

This will erase your watch history on Hulu.

People Also Ask

How do I delete my Hulu account?

To delete your Hulu account, log in on the Hulu website, go to ‘Manage Your Account,’ and click on ‘California Privacy Rights’ or ‘US State Privacy Rights.’ Then, click ‘Start Deletion’ and follow the prompts.

Can I delete my Hulu account from a mobile device?

Yes, you can initiate the deletion process from a mobile device by logging into the Hulu website through your mobile browser and following the same steps as on a desktop.

What happens when I delete my Hulu account?

Deleting your Hulu account will remove your profile, along with your watch history, preferences, and settings. You’ll also lose access to any content you’ve subscribed to.

Can I delete my Hulu account immediately?

Yes, you have the option to delete your account immediately or wait until the end of your billing cycle before the account is permanently removed.