Complete List of Bears Draft Picks: Who Did Chicago Take in the 2023 NFL Draft?

Complete List of Bears Draft Picks

Today, we are going to chat about the Chicago Bears and their picks in the 2023 NFL Draft. The draft is a super exciting time for teams because they get to pick new players who they think will help them win lots of games.

Let us dive into who the Bears chose and why these players might be important for the team.

Why These Picks Matter

The Bears chose these players for a reason. They think these guys can help the team do better than last year. By picking strong and fast players, the Bears hope to win more games and maybe even get to the Super Bowl one day.

How Many Bears Draft Picks Are There in the 2023 NFL Draft?

The Chicago Bears had a total of 10 bear draft picks in the 2023 NFL Draft. Let us break down their selections:

  • Round 1, Pick 10 (from PHI via NO)Darnell Wright, Offensive Tackle from Tennessee
  •  Round 2, Pick 53 (from BAL)Gervon Dexter, Defensive Tackle from Florida
  •  Round 2, Pick 56 (from JAX)Tyrique Stevenson, Cornerback from Miami (FL)
  •  Round 3, Pick 64Zacch Pickens, Defensive Tackle from South Carolina
  •  Round 4, Pick 115 (from NO)Roschon Johnson, Running Back from Texas
  •  Round 4, Pick 133 (from PHI)Tyler Scott, Wide Receiver from Cincinnati
  •  Round 5, Pick 148 (from NE)Noah Sewell, Linebacker from Oregon
  •  Round 5, Pick 165 (from NO)Terell Smith, Cornerback from Minnesota
  •  Round 7, Pick 218Travis Bell, Defensive Tackle from Kennesaw State
  •  Round 7, Pick 258 (Compensatory selection)Kendall Williamson, Safety from Stanford

The Bears draft picks were distributed across various rounds, with four picks in the first three rounds and six more on Day 3. Their initial position allowed them to secure the first overall pick, which they traded to the Carolina Panthers for additional assets.

The Big Picture

In the NFL Draft, teams take turns picking players. The Bears had the very first pick because they did not win many games last year. However, they traded that pick to another team and got some other good stuff in return, like more picks for next year and a really good player named DJ Moore.

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People May Ask

How many bear draft picks do the Bears have in 2023?

  • The Chicago Bears had a total of 10 draft picks in the 2023 NFL Draft.
  •  Four of these picks were in the first three rounds, and six more were on Day 3 (which includes Rounds 4, 5, and 7).

How did the Bears do in the NFL draft 2023?

  • The Bears made some smart choices during the draft to improve their team.
  •  They focused on protecting their quarterback, Justin Fields, by selecting an offensive tackle named Darnell Wright.
  •  They also added talented defensive players like Gervon DexterTyrique Stevenson, and Zacch Pickens.

Who did the Bears draft so far?

Here are some of the players the Bears drafted:

  • Darnell Wright (Offensive Tackle from Tennessee)
  •  Gervon Dexter Sr. (Defensive Tackle from Florida)
  •  Tyrique Stevenson (Cornerback from Miami, FL)
  •  Zacch Pickens (Defensive Tackle from South Carolina)
  •  Roschon Johnson (Running Back from Texas)

What grade will the Bears get drafted in 2023?

Experts have given different grades for each pick, but overall, the Bears made solid choices.

For example:

  • Darnell Wright got a B+ grade.
  •  Gervon Dexter received an A grade.
  •  Tyrique Stevenson got an impressive A+ grade.

Moreover, there are more players with their own grades!