Christian McCaffrey Trade Revisited: Who Were the Real Winners and Losers from San Francisco 49ers-Carolina Panthers Trade?

Christian McCaffrey Trade Revisited

On October 20, 2022, a big event happened in the world of American football. The San Francisco 49ers and the Carolina Panthers made a trade. The 49ers got Christian McCaffrey, a very good running back. The Panthers got four draft picks from the 49ers.

Christian McCaffrey Trade Details

Christian McCaffrey Trade
Christian McCaffrey Trade

The trade involving Christian McCaffrey took place on October 20, 2022. Here are the complete details of the trade:

San Francisco 49ers received:

  • Christian McCaffrey

Carolina Panthers received:

  • 2023 second-round pick, No. 61 overall (TE Brenton Strange)
  •  2023 fourth-round pick, No. 132 overall (EDGE Nick Herbig)
  •  2023 third-round pick, No. 93 overall (TE Darnell Washington)
  •  2024 fifth-round pick

The Carolina Panthers bundled the 61st pick with other selections and sent them to the Chicago Bears. This move allowed them to choose quarterback Bryce Young first in the draft. They also swapped the 93rd and 132nd picks for the 80th pick to select edge rusher DJ Johnson.

While Christian McCaffrey was the only player the Panthers traded away, they did pick three new players with the acquired selections: tight ends Brenton Strange and Darnell Washington, and edge rusher Nick Herbig.

The Panthers also used some of the money they saved from McCaffrey’s trade to bring in Miles Sanders as his replacement. Moreover, they used the remaining draft picks from the McCaffrey trade to help draft Johnson.

Meanwhile, the San Francisco 49ers traded running back Jeff Wilson to the Miami Dolphins, receiving a fifth-round draft pick in return.

What the 49ers Got

The 49ers got Christian McCaffrey. He is a running back, which means his job is to run with the football and try to score points. He is very good at his job.

In fact, he helped the 49ers get to the NFC Championship.

What the Panthers Got

The Panthers received four draft picks from the 49ers, which were used in the 2023 and 2024 drafts. With these picks, the Panthers were able to add new players to their team. They got two tight ends, Brenton Strange and Darnell Washington, and an edge rusher, Nick Herbig.

The Impact of the Trade

The trade had a big impact on both teams. The 49ers got better at running the ball. They went from being ranked 18th to being ranked 2nd. The Panthers were able to get new players and build for the future.

Who Won the Trade?

It’s hard to say who won the trade. The 49ers got a great player who helped them win games. The Panthers got new players who could help them in the future. Only time will tell who really won.

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What did the 49ers give up for McCaffrey? 

The San Francisco 49ers traded away four future choices in the NFL Draft to get Christian McCaffrey. These included a second-round pick, a third-round pick, and a fourth-round pick in 2023, plus a fifth-round pick in 2024.

Was McCaffrey trade good? 

Many people think the trade was good for both teams. The 49ers got a great player who helped them a lot, and the Panthers got several picks which they can use to get new players in the future.

Some say the 49ers did well because they got a player who made their team better right away.

What did Christian McCaffrey give? 

Christian McCaffrey is known for being generous with his teammates. For example, during the holidays, he gave every offensive player on the 49ers team a new golf bag, a coupon for custom golf clubs, and a bottle of tequila.

What was the grade of the McCaffrey trade on ESPN? 

Initially, ESPN gave the trade a grade of “C-”, which means they thought it was just okay, not great. They were worried about McCaffrey’s past injuries and whether he was worth what the 49ers gave up.

But later, they changed the grade to “A-”, which means they thought it turned out to be a really good trade for the 49ers.

How did Christian McCaffrey perform after joining the 49ers?

Christian McCaffrey had an impressive performance after joining the San Francisco 49ers. Here are some highlights from his 2023 season:

  • McCaffrey became the second player in NFL history to have at least 16 scrimmage touchdowns in a season with two different teams, joining Pro Football Hall of Famer Randy Moss.
  •  He set a record for the 49ers with 12 rushing touchdowns and 17 total touchdowns in a single season, which is the most by a 49ers running back.
  •  His 17 total touchdowns tied with wide receiver Jerry Rice for the second-most by a 49ers player in a single season.
  •  McCaffrey’s game-worn gloves and cleats from a notable game are now displayed in the Hall of Fame’s “Pro Football Today Gallery.”
  •  In one particular game, he finished with 106 rushing yards and three touchdowns on 20 carries, while also adding seven catches for 71 yards and one touchdown.

Overall, McCaffrey’s addition to the 49ers significantly boosted their offense and contributed to their successful season.


The trade between the 49ers and the Panthers was a big deal. It changed both teams in big ways. We will have to wait and see what happens in the future to know who really won the trade.

People Also Ask

When did the Christian McCaffrey trade happen? 

The trade occurred on October 20, 2022.

Which teams were involved in the trade?

The San Francisco 49ers and the Carolina Panthers were the two teams involved.

What did the 49ers receive? 

The 49ers received running back Christian McCaffrey.

What did the Panthers receive? 

The Panthers received a 2023 second-round pick, a 2023 third-round pick, a 2023 fourth-round pick, and a 2024 fifth-round pick.

Were any players traded to the Panthers along with the picks?

No players were traded to the Panthers, but they used the picks to select new players in the NFL Draft.

Did the trade have an immediate impact on the 49ers’ performance? 

Yes, the 49ers’ offensive and rushing efficiency improved significantly after acquiring McCaffrey.

Who is considered the winner of the trade? 

It is difficult to declare a definitive winner as both teams benefited in different ways. The 49ers improved their offense, while the Panthers acquired valuable draft picks for their future.