Van Nuys Middle School Drug Overdose

Van Nuys Middle School Drug Overdose- DATOS

Thursday morning saw the deployment of more than 50 firefighters and police officers to the scene at Van Nuys Middle School. Are you curious to know about; van nuys middle school drug overdose case? If so, read the article until the end.

Based on the LAFD press release, a total of 10 students, aged between 12 and 15 years old, experienced severe medical emergencies. The on-site department personnel ruled out any involvement of the drug fentanyl and attributed the students’ conditions to effects related to marijuana edibles.

As the news gradually spread to prominent media outlets in Los Angeles, students at Van Nuys High School began disseminating the information.

The recent fentanyl overdoses in LAUSD, marking the second major drug-related incident within this school year, have raised doubts about the effectiveness of the district’s recent programs.

LAUSD Superintendent Alberto Carvalho introduced new programs aimed at addressing drug issues in schools after the tragic death of 15-year-old Melanie Ramos, a student at Bernstein High School, caused by a fentanyl overdose.

Police officers confer in front of Van Nuys Middle School, where10 students were treated for possible overdoses of an unknown substance. (Genaro Molina/Los Angeles Times)

Police officers confer in front of Van Nuys Middle School, where10 students were treated for possible overdoses of an unknown substance.

The primary programs included peer-to-peer counseling, which aimed to educate students about the risks and dangers associated with drugs. Also, all schools were equipped with the opioid-counteracting drug Narcan.

Narcan has been provided to Van Nuys High School and is now available in the health office for use if required.

“The Narcan is already available. We received it last month. Currently, we are still in the process of developing the procedures for its usage in school during emergencies,” stated Ms. Angelita Dizon, the school nurse. “In our office, we have 8 Narcan units, organized in 4 boxes with 2 units in each.”

After the fentanyl initial overdose, there has been no promotion or advertising of counselling within our school. The timeline for the implementation of this aspect of the program remains uncertain.

Had the district implemented counselling earlier, the events on Thursday could have been prevented.

According to a 7th-grade student at Van Nuys Middle School, Christopher Angel, who spoke to the LA Times, only three people in his class were affected by the drugs. He mentioned that he witnessed them consuming edibles in his science class and observed their behaviour as strange, lethargic, and intoxicated.

Out of the total of 10 students involved, seven were taken to nearby pediatric hospitals for treatment, while the remaining three were discharged into the care of their parents at the scene. In addition to the fire crews, the Los Angeles School Police conducted a thorough search of the middle school to ensure there were no unaccounted victims, and none were found.

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