Exploring the SWGOH Web Store: A Comprehensive Guide


Welcome to the exciting universe of “Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes” (SWGOH). This mobile game has captured the hearts of millions of Star Wars fans and strategy enthusiasts. Imagine stepping into the iconic Star Wars world, where you can collect, train, and battle alongside your favourite characters from different eras and factions.

Now, let us talk about the SWGOH Web Store, your secret weapon for enhancing your gameplay. Think of it as a special online shop designed just for SWGOH players. Here, you can explore and buy various goodies, like character shards (think of them as puzzle pieces to unlock characters), tools (to power up your heroes), bundles (bundles of goodies), and unique upgrades. These items are like power-ups that help you level up faster and conquer challenges.

What makes the Web Store extra cool? As it is like finding hidden treasure. Unlike the regular in-game store, the Web Store offers exclusive deals and special things you will not find anywhere else.

The SWGOH Web Store is not just about shopping. It is your secret passage to becoming a better player. Whether you are a newbie building your dream team or a seasoned pro aiming for greatness, the Web Store provides important resources to boost your strategy and lead you to victory.

What is the SWGOH Web Store?

The SWGOH Web Store is an online marketplace within the game Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. It allows players to use real-world currency to purchase various in-game items, characters, and resources.

Whether you are a seasoned player or just starting out, the Web Store offers a convenient way to enhance your gameplay, acquire rare characters, and progress faster.

How to Access the SWGOH Web Store: A Step-by-Step Guide

Here are the steps:

  1. Open Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes and head to the Settings menu.
  2.  Select “Connect”, and then choose “EA Connect”.
  3.  Enter your preferred email address and follow the prompts to link your account.

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What Can You Find in the Web Store?

The Web Store offers a different range of items, including:

  • Character Shards: Unlock and upgrade your favourite heroes by purchasing their shards.
  • Equipment: Strengthen your characters with gear pieces and equipment.
  • Crystals: Obtain premium currency to speed up progress or buy exclusive items.
  • Bundles and Packs: Look out for special bundles that provide great value.

What are the best items to buy in SWGOH Web Store?

Let us explore the SWGOH Web Store and remember some of the best items you can purchase to enhance your galactic adventures:

Character Shards:

  • These are important for unlocking and upgrading characters. Prioritize shards for characters you use frequently or those required for legendary events.
  •  Best Picks: Focus on getting shards for versatile characters like Rey (Jedi Training), Bastila Shan, or Darth Revan.

Gear and Equipment:

  • Gear pieces are important for boosting your characters’ power. Look out for gear that aligns with your team composition.
  •  Best Picks: Prioritize gear that enhances your arena or raid teams. Items like Stun Guns, Stun Cuffs, and Carbanti Salvage are always in demand.


  • Crystals are premium currency and can be used for various purposes. Consider purchasing them strategically.
  •  Best Picks: Use crystals for energy refreshes, character refreshes, or gear purchases. They are versatile and valuable.

Bundles and Packs:

  • Keep an eye on special bundles and packs. Some offer excellent value for your money.
  •  Best Picks: Look for bundles that include character shards, gear, and crystals. These can give you a significant boost.

Exclusive Characters:

  • Also, the Web Store features exclusive characters not available elsewhere. If you are a collector or want a unique addition to your roster, consider these.
  •  Best Picks: Watch for limited-time characters like Malak, General Skywalker, or Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker.

Mod Energy Refreshes:

  • Mod battles are important for acquiring and upgrading mods. Use crystals to refresh your mod energy.
  •  Best Picks: Invest in mod energy refreshes to improve your mods and optimize your characters.

Pricing and Value

Before making a purchase, consider the pricing and value of each item. Some items may be more cost-effective than others, so choose.

Daily Rewards and Offers

Linking your account to the Web Store also gives you access to daily rewards and amazing offers.


The SWGOH Web Store is your gateway to a galaxy of opportunities. Explore, shop, and enhance your Star Wars adventure. 

People May Ask

What is it? 

The SWGOH Web Store is an online marketplace in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. It offers in-game items and characters for purchase with real-world currency.

How to access it? 

Open the game, go to Settings, select “Connect,” choose “EA Connect,” enter your email, and follow the prompts to link your account.

What is available? 

It features character shards, gear, equipment, crystals, and special bundles.

Any benefits? 

Linking your account provides daily rewards and exclusive offers.