All About LankyBox Figures

All About LankyBox Figures

Everyone loves these LankyBox figures, and now they are available in new collector’s editions! Inside each surprise pack, you will find a small LankyBox stuffed toy. There are 8 different cyborg-style figures you can gather to complete your set.

When you open a pack, you might find a fantastic robotic LankyBox character such as Foxy, Boxy, or Milky! These Mini Mystery Plush toys are super popular for collecting, and fans of LankyBox will definitely want to have the whole set! Do not forget to watch the LankyBox channel on YouTube to see these toys in action.

LankyBox Mini Mystery Plushie – Series 2

The LankyBox Mini Mystery Plushie – Series 2 is a collection of collectable blind box mini plush toys that are officially licensed LankyBox merchandise. Each blind pack contains one mini mystery LankyBox plush toy, and there are 9 unique characters to collect in the full assortment.

Fans can find characters like Rainbow Baby BoxyStrawberry Milky, or even a glow-in-the-dark Lava Rocky inside these packs. These plushies are designed for LankyBox followers who enjoy collecting and are also featured having fun in videos on the LankyBox YouTube channel.

If you are interested in purchasing them, they are available on various online platforms, and you can expect fast shipping and free returns on eligible orders. 

LankyBox Mystery Figures – Series 4

The LankyBox Mystery Figures – Series 4 is the latest addition to the LankyBox collectible series. Each blind pack comes with one mystery figure, and there are 10 unique characters to collect. Fans have the chance to find rare figures like Rainglow Boxy or even the ultra-rare Happy Mossy Rocky. This series is known for having some of the coolest characters yet, and it is a must-have for collectors and fans of the LankyBox YouTube channel. 

LankyBox Mystery Squishy – Series 4

The LankyBox Mystery Squishy – Series 4 is an addition to the LankyBox toy line. Each blind bag contains a surprise squishy toy, perfect for squeezing and collecting. With various styles to discover, these squishy toys are sure to become a cozy companion for fans of all ages.

You can find them at select retailers like Claire’s, where they are described as irresistibly squeezable. They are available for purchase online, and if you order now, you can expect to receive them by a specific date. Each pack promises a unique surprise, adding to the fun of collecting the entire series.

LankyBox Micro Mystery Figures – Series 2

The LankyBox Micro Mystery Figures – Series 2 is a collection of miniature collectible figures, each hidden within a blind pack. There are 12 unique characters to collect, offering fans the thrill of unboxing a surprise figure with every purchase.

Among these characters, collectors might find the ultra-rare Golden Baby Boxy or the glow-in-the-dark LankyBot. This series is designed to delight LankyBox enthusiasts who enjoy the excitement of mystery unboxings and aim to collect the entire set.

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LankyBox Mystery Rocky Box

The LankyBox Mystery Rocky Box is a product for fans of the LankyBox YouTube channel. It is a special set that includes a variety of collectibles, offering the ultimate unboxing experience. The box contains 10 unique toys and accessories, such as mini mystery figures, micro figures, a pop-it toy, and more, all exclusive to this set.

The packaging itself is a highlight, as it doubles as a large Rocky-shaped case, which is the biggest Rocky figure available to date. This set is officially licensed LankyBox merchandise and is designed to capture the high energy and creative charisma of the LankyBox videos.

It is recommended for children aged 3 years and up due to small parts that could pose a choking hazard. The dimensions of the box are 7 inches high, 10.5 inches wide, and 6 inches deep, and it weighs 2.75 pounds.

For those interested in purchasing, it is available online, including at Target, and comes with details regarding shipping and return policies. It is a must-have for collectors and is sure to be a hit with fans around the world. 

LankyBox Mystery Egg

The LankyBox Mystery Egg is a surprise package for fans, filled with various LankyBox-themed toys and collectibles. Each egg contains a selection of items such as mini figures, micro figures, stickers, and possibly a squishy figure or a pop-it toy.

These mystery eggs are designed to provide the ultimate unboxing experience, with the excitement of discovering which toys you have received. They are officially licensed LankyBox merchandise and are popular among children and collectors alike.

The Ghosty Glow Mystery Egg, for example, includes 10 exciting toys and accessories and features a glow-in-the-dark element, making it just as fun in the dark. It is available for purchase online, including on Amazon and at Target, and comes with details regarding shipping and return policies.

LankyBox Rocky Mystery Treasure – Dig & Discover

The LankyBox Rocky Mystery Treasure – Dig & Discover set is a trove of fun for LankyBox fans. Each set includes kinetic sand and comes with 2 Mystery Micro Figures and a Sticky Dig Tool to help you find the buried treasures. It is an engaging activity that combines the joy of collecting with the excitement of discovery.

This officially licensed LankyBox merchandise is perfect for children aged 3 years and up and offers a hands-on experience that goes beyond traditional unboxing. After the figures are discovered, the kinetic sand provides additional play value, allowing for creative and tactile play.

You can purchase this set on Amazon, where it is eligible for fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime and free returns. It is a great way to bring the animated world of LankyBox into your home and enjoy the characters in a new, interactive way. Do not forget to check out the LankyBox YouTube channel to see these toys come to life in their videos.

LankyBox Mini Mystery Figures – Series 3

The LankyBox Mini Mystery Figures – Series 3 is a collection of fun, collectible mini figures that come in blind packs. Each pack contains one mystery figure, and there are 10 unique characters to collect in this series. Fans might find themselves lucky enough to unbox special figures like the glow-in-the-dark characters or even the ultra-rare Golden LankyBot.

This series is known for its exciting new characters and is a favorite among LankyBox followers who are eager to complete their collection. The figures are inspired by the animated characters from the LankyBox YouTube channel, which features entertaining videos with challenges, gaming, and shorts.

If you’re looking to purchase these, they are available on Amazon with free delivery options and free returns. 

LankyBox Mystery Squishy – Series 3

The LankyBox Mystery Squishy Series 3 is available for purchase online. Here are some options where you can find them:

  • Amazon: They offer the LankyBox Mini Mystery Figures – Party Pack 24-Pack – Series 3, which includes collectible mini figures and squishy figures. This pack is officially licensed LankyBox merchandise and features a variety of characters, with the possibility of finding ultra-rare golden squishies.
  • ToyWiz: You can find the LankyBox Series 3 Squishy Mystery Box with 24 packs. Each blind pack contains 1 mystery LankyBox figure, and there are 8 unique characters to collect in the full assortment.
  • Ozzie Collectables: They also have the LankyBox Mystery Squishy Series 3 available, which includes a range of characters and the chance to discover new baby squishies or even Ultra Rare Golden Foxy & Boxy.
  • Mr Toys Toyworld: This store lists the LankyBox Mystery Squishy Series 3, offering fans the chance to collect their favorite characters in squishy form.

LankyBox Plush – 8″ (6 Pack) – Series 3

The LankyBox Plush – 8″ (6 Pack) – Series 3 seems to be a popular item among fans of the YouTube duo LankyBox. You can find these plush toys on various online stores. For example, the LankyBox Shop offers a range of plush toys featuring characters like Foxy, Boxy, and others. Also, Smyths Toys in the UK has a LankyBox Mystery Figure Series 3 6-Pack Assortment, which includes 6 mystery figures and has a collectible aspect with different styles available.

If you are looking for something specific, such as the 6-inch Cyborg Mystery Plush Series 3, it is available at certain retailers like Toy World. Moreover, Amazon UK also lists LankyBox Mystery Figures – 6 Pack – Series 3, which might be what you are looking for.

The LankyBox Mini Foxy Mystery Box is a fun collectible item for fans of the LankyBox YouTube channel. It typically contains 9 exciting toys to discover inside, including mystery figures, a squishy, a lanyard, and more. These are officially licensed LankyBox merchandise and offer a great unboxing experience.

LankyBox Mini Foxy Mystery Box

You can find the LankyBox Mini Foxy Mystery Box available for purchase at the following places:

  • Amazon: They have it listed with fast shipping options and free returns. It is described as the ultimate unboxing experience with a number of surprise toys.
  • Target: Offers the Mini Foxy Mystery Box, which includes figures, a squishy figure, a lanyard with a mystery charm, and stickers.
  • Amazon Canada: Also lists the Mini Foxy Mystery Box filled with new collectibles.
  • Has the Mini Foxy Mystery Box available, which contains figures, a squishy figure, a lanyard with a mystery charm, and stickers.
  • Target Australia: Features the LankyBox Mini Mystery Foxy Box with an assortment of collectibles.

People May Ask

People May Ask

How long will it take to get my LankyBox stuff? 

It usually takes a few days to a couple of weeks to get your order, depending on where you live.

Can I return or exchange my LankyBox items? 

Yes, if you’re not happy with your purchase, you can return or exchange it. Check the store’s policy for details.

How do I know where my LankyBox order is? 

After you buy something, you will get a tracking number to see where your package is.

What if I need help with my LankyBox order? 

You can contact customer support for help. They are there to answer your questions.