How is Crack Made?

How is Crack Made- DATOS

Just like how people make food in kitchens, some people make a bad drug called crack cocaine in special places. They do this by mixing a very strong drug called cocaine with different chemicals. This mixing process is called “cooking.”

Important Things to Remember

Making Crack Cocaine:

  • People who make crack cocaine add different things to it.
  • These extra things can make the drug even more dangerous.

What’s Added to Crack:

  • Some extra stuff that’s often put in crack includes:
  • Other things that make you excited, like Adderall or methamphetamine.
  • Very strong painkillers called Fentanyl.

Chemicals in Crack:

  • Crack has lots of different chemicals in it.
  • Some of these chemicals get in there when they’re making regular cocaine into crack.

How is Crack Made

Crack cocaine is made by cooking a mixture of powder cocaine, water, and either baking soda or ammonia. This cooking removes something called “hydrochloride” from the cocaine, turning it into solid pieces that look like small rocks. These rocks can be smoked because the hydrochloride is gone.

Making Cooked Crack

When this cooking is done, it’s called “cooked crack.” Drug dealers sell it as crack cocaine. Sometimes, they add other chemicals to it, which are called “cutting agents.” These extra chemicals can make the drug even more dangerous.

What’s Put in Crack

When people make crack, they often mix in other things. They do this for two main reasons:

  • To make more of the drug.
  • To make the drug stronger

But, adding these extra things can be really bad for the people who use the drug. The extra stuff can range from not-so-bad things like baby powder to very dangerous things like cleaning stuff and laundry soap. Sometimes, they even add other drugs like Adderall or methamphetamine, which are like super-energy drugs.

And there’s this really, really dangerous drug called Fentanyl that they sometimes put in crack too. Fentanyl is so dangerous that even a tiny bit of it can be deadly.

If someone smokes crack that has these extra things in it, it can make their heart go really fast and put them at risk of having a heart problem. So, it’s important to stay away from crack and drugs like it because they can be very, very harmful.

Stuff Added to Crack Cocaine

Some other things that can be mixed with crack cocaine are:

  • Powder like talcum powder
  • Stuff that gives you energy like caffeine
  • A drug for animals called levamisole
  • Things that make your mouth numb like lidocaine or benzocaine
  • Strong painkillers like oxycodone and other drugs

These extra things not only make crack dangerous but can also change how it smells and tastes.

Different Chemicals in Cocaine and Crack

Besides the stuff we talked about before, there are more chemicals in crack. Some of these chemicals get mixed in when they’re making regular cocaine into powder. When they make powdered cocaine, they mix it with things like ethyl acetate, acetone, and butyl.

These chemicals often smell like things you find in a garage, like nail polish or solvents. And guess what? They end up in crack when it’s being cooked.

Here are some other chemicals they use when making cocaine, and some of them end up in crack too:

  • Kerosene
  • Lime (not the fruit)
  • Sulfuric acid
  • Calcium chloride (a kind of salt)
  • Cement (like what they use in construction)
  • Acetic acid (it’s like vinegar)
  • Motor oil (the stuff for cars)
  • Gasoline (what cars run on)

How pure the cocaine or crack is, and if there are any strong chemicals in it, can affect how much it costs on the street. So, these things make a big difference in the price of the drug.

What Cocaine and Crack Do

Cocaine is a kind of drug that makes people feel super powerful and full of energy really quickly. But the good feeling doesn’t last long, especially with crack; it goes away fast. After that, the person using it feels sad, worried, and wants more of the drug to feel good again.

Cocaine is so tricky that even trying it just once can make someone want it all the time.

When people snort cocaine (which means sniffing it up their nose), it can hurt the part between their nostrils and even make a hole in their nose.

Cocaine makes the heart beat really fast, raises blood pressure, and makes the body get super hot. It can even make the heart beat strangely. Cocaine is so, so dangerous that using it just once can cause a heart attack, stroke, or even make someone die. That’s why it’s a very, very bad idea to use cocaine or crack.

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