CCB Payment Dates Confirmed – Your Benefit Arrival Date

Check out this article to find out when you will get your CCB payment in November 2023. It is confirmed to be credited on November 20, 2023.

CCB Payment Dates in November 2023

The Canadian government sent the CCB payment for October on October 20, 2023. Now, folks getting the Canada child benefit are eager to know about the CCB payment in November 2023. Good news: it is set for November 20, 2023, like every month.

Once the November CCB payment is sorted, the only late payment for 2023 will be on December 13, 2023. It is important for all the beneficiaries to know when they will get their benefit payment to plan their finances.

If you can get the tax credit, read this article. It tells you everything about CCB payment dates, how much you will get, how it comes, and more. You can also check your payment status on the CRA website using the My Account service.

Canada Child Benefit November 2023

In Canada, taking care of kids costs a lot, and it eats up a big chunk of money. So, the government has something called the Child Care Benefit (CCB) to help out. If your family qualifies, you get a tax-free payment every month to help with the costs of raising kids under 18.

To get the CCB, you need to meet some rules. You must live in Canada and stay with your eligible child or children. If you are the main caregiver, you are the one who should apply.

The CRA takes care of CCB Benefits and spreads them out from July to June of the next year. You can apply online using your CRA My Account or by filling out Form RC66 and sending it with your tax return. Two ways are there to get the Canada Child Benefit.

CCB November Payment Credit

Name of the articleCCB Payment Dates Confirmed
Benefit nameCanada Child Benefit
Organisation Responsible Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)
CCB BeneficiariesCanadian Children till 18 years
CCB Payment Date in November 20th November, 2023
CCB Payment Date in December 13th December, 2023
Online Portal of

More about the CCB payment Dates in November 2023

The Canada Child Benefit depends on how many eligible kids you have and your family income. To help with the increasing cost of living, the CCB payments went up by 6.3% in July 2023.

Now, for kids under six, the yearly CCB is $7,437 instead of the old $6,997 maximum. Moreover, for kids aged 6-17, the yearly payment is now $6,275. This means $619.75 each month for kids under 6 and $522.91 monthly for those aged 6-17.

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How you get your CCB payment in November

To get benefits from the CCB Canada program, you and your spouse need to file your tax returns every year. Usually, they look at your tax returns to see if you can get CCB. You should get your CCB payment at the same time as your tax refund because the CRA is the one sending out the money.

Most people getting CCB have signed up for direct deposit. This will show up on your bank statement as “Canada Fed Deposit,” and the CRA takes care of it. If you have a chequing account with the CRA, that is where your monthly payments will go.

However, we want to say that getting money with a CCB check is not as fast or safe as getting it straight from the CRA. Also, remember to tell the authorities if you do not get your CCB payment on the dates they said within 7–10 business days.

Who can get CCB payment in November

To get the benefits of the Child Benefits program in Canada, you need to meet some important rules. Either you or your spouse or partner must be a citizen, a permanent resident, or a temporary resident who has been in the country for the last 18 months. You should live with a child under 18, take care of them the most, and, for tax reasons, be a resident of Canada.

Just so you know, it is smart to apply for CCB right after your child is born or starts living with you. You have three ways to apply for the Canada Child Benefit: send in a form by mail (use Form RC66), apply online through My CRA account, or do it when you register your child’s birth.

Thanks for choosing our site to read about CCB November 2023 payment dates. We hope we have answered all your questions about CCB payments.

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