CCB December 2023: Check If Payment is Coming on 13 December

CCB December 2023

Check out all the relevant information about the CCB December 2023 Payment on December 13. Find out if you will get it by reading this article till the end. It has a lot of information about the payment and other important concepts related to it. Let’s start:

CCB December 2023

As we all know, in December 2023, the Canada Child Benefit (CCB) will be introduced. It is a payment the government gives parents every month. The time for getting this payment is from July 2023 to June 2024. They will decide how much you get based on your family income from 2022. The last time they sent this payment was on November 20, 2023.

If you have children who qualify, your next Canada Child Benefit (CCB) payment is in December 2023. You can find out exactly when by checking My CRA Account or the Canadian Government’s website. Let’s learn more concepts related to this topic.

What exactly is CCB

CCB, or Canada Child Benefit, is a payment that the government gives to families with children under the age of 18. It is tax-free and comes every month to help with the expenses of raising children.

It is a national program, but some provinces also give extra payments based on their own rules. By adding this payment into your monthly income makes a good amount that may help you in the future. The extra part is not sent separately by the provinces; the government sends it all together with the regular CCB payment.

A number of families are there in Canada completely depend on this payment to take good care of their children. Usually, the extra help from the provinces is added to the CCB without families doing anything. However, people sometimes need to reach out to CRA to make sure that they get the extra-provincial benefits on top of the regular CCB.

CCB Payment is Coming on December 13

Are you ready for the next CCB Payment on December 13? If yes, here we have the latest updates for you. This is the final payment of 2023, but not for the ongoing benefit year. The payments for the current benefit year will keep going until June 2024.

Once June 2024 is completed, the new benefit year starts in July 2024. From then on, the payments will be based on the family income from 2023. So, starting July 2024, your CCB payments might increase or decrease.

If you are waiting for CCB, check your bank account for the CRA deposit. However, a cheque will be on the way if you still need to sign up for direct deposits. The amount is the same, but cheques take longer to reach you.

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How Much CCB Payment Will You Get

Are you wondering to know what your CCB payment is? How much you get each month depends on how many eligible children you have and your family income (AFNI). Here is the complete list of what families receive for the current benefit period:

If your AFNI is less than $34,863:

  • $6,275 per year for children between 6-17
  • $7,437 per year for children under 6

If your AFNI is between $34,863 and $75,537:

  • Payment decreases by 7% of the income in that range.

If your AFNI is more than $75,537:

  • Payment decreases by $2,847 plus 3.2% of income above $75,537

You should never forget that these amounts are for each child. Also, the CCB payments can change with inflation. The monthly amounts and income thresholds might be adjusted.

If there are any updates, CRA will let you know. Always keep checking on your My CRA Account and the Canadian Government’s website to stay tuned and get the latest news.

See if you will get CCB Payment

Go to your My CRA Account to check when and how much you will get paid. This includes payment from the provincial programs, too. You can easily check your current and future CCB payments and other benefits.

As long as your family’s AFNI is below a specific amount, you will get CCB payments. They recalculate it every July based on the income from the previous year. So, any changes in your income for 2023 will show up in July 2024.

You may know that CRA sends out payments on the planned dates, but sometimes it takes longer time; it may be up to 5 extra business days. If, even after waiting for these five days, you have yet to receive your CCB, you can make contact with CRA. Just keep on checking and ask them about your payment if needed.

People May Also Ask

When will the Canada Child Benefit Payment for December 2023 be issued?

The CCB Payment for December 2023 will be released on December 13, 2023.

Who qualifies for the Canada Child Benefit in 2023?

Parents with children under the age of 18 are eligible for the Canada Child Benefit in 2023.