CRA OTB Notice: Why Did I Get It? What to Do Now- Understanding OTB Notice

If you get Ontario Trillium Benefits, you should read this. It is about the OTB Notice from CRA. Are you wondering what it is and why you got it? We will talk about that and what to do next.

CRA OTB Notice

The OTB Notice is just a message from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) about the Ontario Trillium Benefit (OTB). They send it through email or a letter. In the notice, they talk about the OTB payments you get. It might say your benefits are approved, you need to pay, or why your payments changed.

If something in your life changes and it might affect your OTB, you could get a notice about it. The CRA might send you an OTB notice through mail or email, it’s pretty normal. In this post, we will tell you more about this notice, why you got it, and what you should do next.

Overview of CRA OTB Notice

Name of ArticleCRA OTB Notice
Organisation Responsible isCanada Revenue Agency
GovernmentOntario State Government
ObjectiveTo let OTB beneficiaries know about necessary updates in their OTB account
Amount of OTB $258.00 (CAD).
Official Portal of Ontario GovernmentClick Here

What is the meaning of OTB Notice

CRA OTB means the Ontario Trillium Benefit. It is like a refundable tax credit from the government of Ontario. It is here to help families in Ontario with lower incomes pay for things like sales taxes, property taxes, and energy bills.

This one payment includes three tax credits: Ontario Energy and Property Tax Credit (OEPTC), Ontario Sales Tax Credit, and Northern Ontario Energy Credit. It is like a financial boost for those who need it.

Getting the Ontario Trillium Benefit (OTB) is easy. To apply, you just need to do two things. First, file your personal income tax return. Second, fill out the ON-BEN Application Form. Then, you can choose how you want to get your OTB – either every month or in one big payment, it’s your call.

Why Did I get it

You might wonder why you got an OTB Notice. There could be a few reasons for it, mainly about your benefits. Here is why you might get one:

  • To update you on the status of your OTB application (if it is approved, denied, or in progress).
  • To let you know about changes in your OTB benefit payments.
  • If your marital status changed, it could affect your eligibility.
  • You owe money to CRA due to changes in your eligibility.
  • You receive information to figure out if you are still eligible for OTB.
  • If your status changes, you are informed about any OTB benefit adjustments.

These are some common reasons, but there could be others, too. It is all about keeping you in the loop.

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What to Do Now

If you get an OTB Notice from CRA, there is no need to stress. Just do this:

  • Log into your CRA My Account right away after you get the notice.
  • Check your account for any info related to the notice.
  • Make sure everything in your account is up-to-date.
  • That is how you handle it: simple and straightforward.

If they need something from you, like proof of eligibility or a payment, check if it is a regular notice or something you must do. Moreover, if there are mistakes or changes in your personal info (like your address), update it with CRA.

If you have questions or issues about your OTB Notice, the right thing to do is contact CRA. They can help you out.


if you applied for the Ontario Trillium Benefit, you might have gotten an OTB notice in the mail. It tells you if your benefits got approved or denied.

If you are already getting OTB payments, the notice might be about changes in your account or the OTB program. Just follow the steps mentioned in the notice and act quickly.