How to Calculate Payroll Deductions: Online Payroll Deductions Calculator

Try out the Payroll Deductions Online Calculator (PDOC) to figure out how much money gets taken off your pay for taxes. It checks if the amounts on your earnings statement are right.

Just remember, you are responsible for the info you put in. The calculator works well when your details are accurate.

In Quebec, the provincial government handles its own Quebec Pension Plan (QPP), income tax, and Quebec Parental Insurance Plan (QPIP).

What you should know

To make sure using PDOC is safer for you, follow these steps:

Clear the cache

After you are done with your calculations, clear your Internet browser’s cache and close it. Even though we do not keep what you type, it stays in your session for about 30 minutes without doing anything. Others could see the info if it is stored in your browser.

Update your browser and operating system (OS)

Keep your internet browser and OS up to date. This way, you can keep using CRA’s secure online services without any issues. Click the link below for help on updating your web browser and OS.

Make your own earnings statements

However, don’t use the printouts from the calculator as your official earnings statement. The calculator might need some details that an official statement needs. To make a complete earnings statement, follow the rules set by your province or territory for employment standards.

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What is new here

Starting January 1, 2023, the Government of Manitoba is upping the basic personal amount from $10,855 to $15,000. For the first half of the year, employees got less, so for July onwards, a prorated amount of $19,145 will be automatically filled in.

On March 3, 2022, changes were made to how the additional contributions of Canada Pension Plan (CPP) are handled. Even though you will not see it separately, this deduction affects the federal and provincial tax calculations.

If you are filling in the “Other annual deduction amounts for the year” field, remember it is for the whole year, not just one pay period. This lines up with the letter of authority.

If you are having trouble viewing results in PDF format, make sure there are no commas in the “Employee’s name” field.

What is the problem

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Before reporting, clear your internet browser cache. Also, make sure your OS and browser are up to date for smooth access to CRA’s online services.