CPP Death Benefit Application: Who Applies and How to Apply for CPP Death Benefit

CPP Death Benefit Application

Applying for CPP Death Benefit: Find out who gets it and how to apply. The Canadian Government gives this benefit to those who contributed to someone who passed away. This article talks about who can claim it, how to apply, the reasons to get CPP and more.

CPP Death Benefit

This plan is for family members of someone who was in CPP. The money is given once, following the contributor’s wishes. The person who passed away must have worked in CPP for at least 10 years to get a certain amount of credit.

There are two conditions for CPP Death Benefit. First, they need to know if the contributor is outside the country or in Quebec. If in Quebec, they must be in the Quebec Pension Plan.

Canada Pension Plan Death Benefit Form – Overview

PlanCPP Death Benefit Application
AuthorityCanadian Gvernment
Scheme’s purposeCanadian Government
BeneficiariesDemised Family Members
CPP Death Benefit DatesLess than 60 Days of Demise
CategoryGovernment Aid
Prepared onCanadian Government

Claiming CPP Death Benefit

To claim this benefit, there should be a will. The will needs to have all the details about how property and stuff will be shared. The contributor should apply within 60 days after their family member passes away.

If there is no will, the owner or the person handling the funeral costs can apply. The spouse or common-law partner of the deceased CPP contributor can also apply. The rule about the time limit stays the same. If the contributor does not apply in time, there will be consequences according to the government rules.

Applying for CPP Death Benefit

You can apply for CPP Death Benefit in two ways: online or on paper. Here is how to do it online:

  • Log in to your My Service Canada Account and fill in all the details on the CPP death benefit form.
  • Mail or drop off photocopies of the required documents at a Service Canada office.
  • Before sending, write your and the person who passed away’s Social Insurance Number on all your papers.

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Applying on Paper for CPP Death Benefit

Follow these steps to apply on paper:

  • Fill in the Canada Pension Plan Death Benefit form.
  • Attach photocopies of all the needed documents.
  • Mail the form to the Service Canada Office or drop it off.
  • Write your and the person who passed away’s Social Insurance Number on the papers.

After you apply, it takes 6-12 weeks to get your payment from the day you applied.

Reasons to Get CPP

Getting CPP at 60 can be the best money decision for you:

  • You get extra money when you retire.
  • It’s good if your health could be better, and you may live a short time.
  • If you had many years with low earnings in your job.
  • You might qualify for the Guaranteed Income Supplement after getting CPP.
  • Investing in CPP is like saving for your future. It gives you some security.

There are more reasons to get CPP, and we’ve talked about the important ones. For all the details, you can check the Canadian government’s main website.

People May Ask

Who gets the money when someone passes away?

The CPP Death Benefit is a one-time payment given to the family of the person who passed away. If there is a will, the person named in the will to handle the money must apply within 60 days of the person’s death.

How can I get CPP survivor benefits?

If the person who passed away paid into the Canada Pension Plan, was at least 70 when they died, and did not get a CPP retirement pension, contact us for an application. You need to apply within a year of the date of death.

How much is the CPP death benefit?

The Canada Pension Plan offers a death benefit, and the most you can get is $2,500. It is given if the person who passed away contributed to CPP.

Who gets the pension money when someone dies?

When you join your job’s pension plan, you choose who gets the money when you are gone. This person is called the beneficiary. Just like with life insurance, you can name one or more people to get your pension benefits.