BC PNP Draw and Points Calculator: How to Apply for British Columbia PNP

BC PNP Draw and Points Calculator: DATOS

BC PNP is a thing in Canada. It is like a draw or something. You can calculate points for it. You can apply if you want to go to British Columbia through BC PNP. It is a place in the western part of Canada.

There is this program called the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). It is about inviting people to work in a place. If you want to know more, keep reading:


BC PNP is managed by Canada and the province. They use it to offer jobs to people from other countries. Even students who come here to study can have a chance to become permanent residents in Canada.

When officers need to hire someone, they can choose from different ways. They can bring in skilled people from other countries, helping British Columbia to grow. With this program, people can apply for jobs they are good at and interested in.

What is BC PNP Draw

The BC PNP Draw is like a way for the officials in charge to invite people to try to stay in BC forever. They do this every year, setting rules for who can apply.

Last time, they said yes to 225 people who wanted to work in BC. Moreover, now, they are doing it again for about 160 people in different jobs.

These chances are shared among healthcare, engineering, management, technology, and people who want to start their own thing. To be part of this plan, you have to have a certain amount of points. In the next part, we will tell you all about these points and how to figure them out.

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What is the BC PNP Points Calculator

To be part of this plan, you need to get a certain number of points according to what the government says. When they ask for applications, they say you have to have a certain amount of points to be in the game.

The points change based on how hard the job is. The toughest jobs, like NOC 0 or NOC A, get the most points. You also get ten points each if your job is in the top hundred in BC and if you are working full-time.

Besides all that, how much money you make in a year gives you points, too. It depends on how much you earn per hour and how many hours you work each month. Where you work, how long you have been working in BC or Canada, and some other things also get you different points. All these points together make up your SIRS points.

Documents You Need to Apply for BC PNP

If you want to apply for BC PNP, make sure you have these papers ready. It is important for a hassle-free application:

  • Paper saying you got a job.
  • ID proof.
  • Important travel papers.
  • ECA paper.
  • Passport.
  • Birth certificate.
  • Police paper saying you are clear.
  • Letter from old employees saying you are good.
  • The paper shows you are good at the language.
  • Proof you got enough money.
  • The paper says you are legally allowed to be here.

This is what you need to apply for and work in British Columbia. Next up, we will talk about how to do the application.

How to Apply for British Columbia PNP

Here is how you can apply for British Columbia PNP, step by step, without any trouble. First, check if you meet the rules set by the officials:

  • Make a profile on the province’s main website.
  • Upload the papers they need.
  • Wait for BC to say you are nominated after checking your papers.
  • Once you get the nomination, send an Expression of Interest (EOI) on the website.
  • After doing all that, if they like your application, they will send you an Invitation to Apply (ITA).
  • After applying, if they say yes, you should get permanent residency in about six months.

People May Also Ask

What is the CRS score needed for British Columbia?

You need at least 85 points.

Can I apply without a job offer?

Yes, no need for a job offer. If you fit the rules, you can apply right to BC PNP.

How long does BC PNP take?

The application takes 1-2 months. Work permits have different times depending on where you apply.

Does LMIA help in BC PNP?

No, if your employees supports you for BC PNP, they do not need a special work assessment.

Do I need work experience?

For some jobs, you might not need experience. Skilled workers can have experience from another country. Entry Level and Semi-Skilled people need BC work experience.

What after the BC PNP nomination?

Once BC says yes, send a full application for permanent residence to the visa office, and they tell you. Do it before the date they give you.