Anabel Gomez Lopez: The Trail of Crimes

Anabel Gomez Lopez

Anabel Lopez Gomez, who used to sell tasty meat tamales near the train station, got caught up in a big problem. She did something very bad. She took a little girl who was lost and brought her home.

However, instead of helping her, Anabel did something terrible: she killed the girl and used her meat to fill her tamales. People who ate those tamales had no idea what they were really eating. When they found out the truth, they were very angry.

The regular customers found out about Anabel’s secret from a newspaper article. They could not believe it at first, but they were very upset when they realized it was true. Anabel kept doing bad things until 2017, when the police caught her.

The police were from the Attorney General’s Office in Mexico City. Anabel Gomez Lopez’s story is scary, and it shows how people can do very wrong things even when they seem normal on the outside.

Let us discuss about Anabel Gomez Lopez in detail:

Who is Anabel Gomez Lopez

Anabel Gomez Lopez, once a familiar face selling meat tamales in the bustling streets of Mexico City, rose from the ranks as a beloved tamale vendor to a notorious figure accused of engaging in a gruesome trade involving human tamales.

Her shocking transition led to legal consequences, ultimately resulting in her sentencing to 25 years in prison.

Education and Early Life

Anabel Gomez Lopez has an interesting life story. She was born in Villanueva de San Juan, Seville, Spain. When she was just 11 years old, she moved to Dos Hermanas. Anabel is married and has two children, one is around 24 years old, and the other is 20 years old.

She has been actively involved in her community. Anabel served as the president of the Local Board of AECC and also led the David Rivas Social Center. She has always been passionate about social activities in her neighbourhood or school.

Recently, Anabel participated in the III Gala of Hope, which took place at the La Andrada hacienda. The event honoured those who have made a positive impact on patients’ lives. Dr Eduardo Ros Herranz, a hematologist from the Oncology Unit of Valme Hospital, was recognized, and Francisco Javier Fernandez Mejas represented the donors.

Anabel’s journey also took her to Belgium. After earning her diploma in the United States, she returned to Belgium and studied at the Royal Conservatory of Liege. Her passion lies in theater, and she has performed on stages in Vienna, Brussels, Rome, and Lisbon.

She has explored classic works like Dom Juan by Moliere and ventured into thought-provoking pieces like Simon Stephens’ Pornographie, which delves into themes of ultra-surveillance and the boundaries of personal privacy.

Anabel Lopez Acting Roles

Anabel Gomez Lopez, known for her diverse acting roles, has had an interesting career. Here are the highlights:

  1. Supporting Roles: Anabel started her acting journey in supporting roles. She worked with directors like Pascal ChaumeilMichel Boujenah, and Hugo Gelin.
  2.  TV Appearances: You might have seen her on TV shows like TrapBaron Noir, and Sophie Cross.
  3.  Big Screen Debut: In 2019, Anabel starred in the feature film “Les Envoutes” directed by Pascal Bonitzer. She shared the screen with talented actors like Sara GiraudeauNicolas Duvauchelle, and Nicolas Maury.
  4.  Other Roles: Anabel played a lawyer in an investigation related to a state scandal. She also portrayed an ex-wife in the Disney+ comedy “Weekend Family”. Additionally, she was part of a lineage of healers in “Filles du feu”, which premiered on France 2 in fall 2023. Her character, Jeannette, is a caring mother caught in a nightmare during the early 17th century—a time of intense witch hunts in France.
  5.  Challenges and Opportunities: Anabel’s role in the historical narrative provides her with a chance to reach a global audience. It is a pivotal moment in her career, and she is ready to fight alongside fellow actors like Lizzie Brochere and Zoe Adjani to survive the twists and turns of the episodes.

Collaborations & Upcoming Projects

Anabel Lopez is involved in some exciting projects. Like:

  • She is part of a musical comedy alongside actors Emilia Perez and Jacques Audiard.
  •  She is also in a black comedy related to Haitian culture called “Kidnapping Inc.”.
  •  Another project she is in is the frightening film “We Are Not Alone in the World”, which has a script by Bruno Tracq and Selma Alaoui.

Career Journey

  • Anabel Gomez Lopez was part of a music movement called Nueva Trova.
  •  She shared this journey with fellow artists like Xiomara LaugartSantiago Feli, and Alberto Tosca.
  •  Anabel appeared on radio and TV shows.
  •  She took part in events and competitions in Cuba and Poland.
  •  Her performances extended to countries like SwedenFinland, and Argentina.
  •  She sang Cuban songs from both the Vieja and Nueva Trova traditions and pieces by musicians like Silvio Rodriguez and Pablo Milanes.

What is wrong with Anabel Gomez Lopez

Unfortunately, Anabel Gomez Lopez, also known as Anabel Lopez Tamales, got into serious trouble. She was accused of homicide and causing harm to public health. As a result, she was sentenced to 25 years in prison for her terrible actions.

Her story became a chilling urban legend that left a lasting impact on the collective memory of Mexico. It serves as a reminder of how humans can sometimes commit unspeakable acts.

What Was Her Cruel Act?

Anabel Gomez Lopez, known as the Indios Verdes Tamalera, shocked her community with a horrifying secret. She was a tamale vendor in Mexico City, and people loved her tasty tamales. However, beneath the delicious aroma, something sinister was happening.

Here is what happened:

The Shocking Revelation

Anabel’s customers had no idea that her tamales contained a gruesome ingredient: human meat. Yes, you read that right. She was using the bodies of her murder victims to make her tamales.

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How It All Figured Out

  • In 2017, a gas leak in Anabel’s apartment raised concerns among her neighbours.
  •  When the police investigated, they were hit by a terrible smell—rotting meat and gas.
  •  Anabel could not deny it anymore. She confessed to killing over 50 women and using their bodies in her tamale recipe.
  •  The Mexico City Attorney General’s Office swiftly arrested her.

What was the complete story?

Imagine those hungry commuters near the CDMX metro station, drawn by the aroma of freshly prepared tamales. Little did they know that Anabel’s tamales were famous for their soft texture and rich flavour because of the secret ingredient: human flesh.

Investigators found the bones of a young woman, stripped of all flesh, in Anabel’s living room.


After reading the article, we conclude that Anabel Gomez Lopez did something very wrong. She sold pieces of human flesh on the streets in Mexico. Anabel admitted that she killed many people. She explained how she tricked them into coming to her house and then harmed them.

At first, it was hard for her to understand her victims, but she got better over time. Removing the meat from their bones was tough in the beginning. Anabel’s lawyer said she had a mental illness. The judge decided to put her in prison for 25 years because of the serious crimes she committed.

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People May Also Ask

Who Is Anabel Gomez Lopez?

Anabel Gomez Lopez began her career as a tamale vendor in the bustling streets of Mexico City. Renowned for her delectable tamales, she concealed a chilling secret: she incorporated human flesh from her victims as filling for her tamales.

Her transformation from a seemingly ordinary food entrepreneur to a figure associated with a horrific crime is both startling and deeply disquieting.

What Was Her Atrocious Deed?

The shocking revelation came to light when it was discovered that Anabel Gomez Lopez had been using human remains in her tamales. She enticed victims to her residence before taking their lives. The public was repulsed and deeply alarmed by this horrifying truth.

How Was Her Misdeed Unearthed?

Anabel’s criminal activities were exposed due to an unrelated event: a gas leak in her apartment. The subsequent police inquiry revealed the full extent of her macabre actions, leading to her apprehension.

What Were the Consequences?

Anabel Gomez Lopez faced legal repercussions, charged with multiple counts of homicide. Her story became a cautionary tale, contributing to urban legends and a collective sense of horror among the Mexican populace.