Know All About Live Resin!

Know All About Live Resin- DATOS

As a newcomer in the world of marijuana, live resin remains unfamiliar to both occasional and experienced recreational users and medical marijuana patients. However, due to its increasing popularity, let us explore this powerful cannabis concentrate, live resin, to understand what all the excitement is about. What is Live Resin? Live resin is a very … Read more

Is Alcohol A Drug?

Is Alcohol A Drug? - DATOS

So, is alcohol a drug? The answer is yes. Alcohol meets the definition of a drug as defined by the World Health Organization (WHO). The WHO defines a drug as “any substance or product that, when taken into the body, alters its functions in a way that can be beneficial or harmful.” Under this definition, … Read more

Drug addiction: Substance Use Disorder)

What is Drug addiction (substance use disorder)? - DATOS

Drug addiction, also known as substance use disorder, is a chronic brain disorder characterized by compulsive drug seeking and use, despite harmful consequences. It is considered a brain disorder because it involves functional changes to brain circuits involved in reward, stress, and self-control. Those changes may last a long time after a person has stopped … Read more

What Does Heroin Look Like?

What Does Heroin Look Like? DATOS

Do you know what heroin is and what does heroin look like? Among all the drugs, heroin has a really bad reputation. It is often kept secret and not discussed openly, even more so than cocaine, and maybe only second to meth. The thing is, heroin is very common, and it is currently considered a … Read more

What Are Blues Drugs?

what are blues drugs?

M30s or Blues drugs are a big worry these days because they are strong and lead to opioid abuse and overdose deaths. These little blue pills are usually sold illegally as prescription painkillers like oxycodone or hydrocodone. However, they are fake pills made with a strong synthetic opioid, like fentanyl, that can be deadly even … Read more

Benzonatate and Alcohol; What are the side effects?

Benzonatate and Alcohol; What are the side effects?

If you are an alcohol consumer with Benzonatate prescribed cough medicine, it might cause you health issues. Some of you might not know what this medicine is for.  So, if you have a cough caused by bronchitis, asthma, or cold, your doctor might prescribe a medicine called Tessalon Perles, also known as Benzonatate. It is … Read more