Simone Biles Recalls Tough Post-Marriage Struggles With Jonathan Owens: “It Was Very Different”

Simone Biles Recalls Tough Post-Marriage Struggles With Jonathan Owens: “It Was Very Different”

Simone Biles mentioned in 2021 that her connection with Jonathan Owens was flawless. Their journey from first connecting on Raya, a dating app, to their wedding in Mexico, has been like a storybook. Yet, after the wedding, instead of going on a honeymoon as expected, there was a twist.

Jonathan Owens, an NFL player, had to immediately attend to his duties with the Green Bay Packers. Therefore, the newlyweds had to postpone their honeymoon. Biles shared on the Call Her Daddy podcast that they spent all their time together until marriage, but right after, Green Bay called to sign him. They went straight from their wedding to Green Bay the next day.

Biles also mentioned that they were told, “See you Monday, Jonathan,” which meant they started their married life apart. It was a significant change for them.

Regrettably, Jonathan Owens couldn’t be there for Simone Biles’ return to gymnastics because of his NFL commitments. The ex-Green Bay Packers player was unable to take time off from practice to see Biles compete in the world championships.

However, they supported each other whenever possible. Biles also made several trips to Green Bay to be with Owens during the 2023-24 NFL season.

Towards the end of 2023, the couple faced another hurdle. In a December interview on the Pivot podcast, Owens jokingly said he was the more attractive one in their relationship, which upset some fans and led to criticism.

Despite this, Biles remained unfazed, confidently stating that in a few years, people would know her as Jonathan Owens’ wife, not the other way around. She defended her family and husband against the critics.

Simone Biles stood firmly to cater to her post marriage struggles

Simone Biles has been a strong supporter of her husband, Jonathan Owens. Despite facing backlash from fans, she stood by him. On the Call Her Daddy podcast, Biles shared that people often admire Owens and say, “I want a man like that.”

As they celebrate their one-year anniversary, both Biles and Owens are at home until their respective sports seasons begin. Biles is aiming for the 2024 Paris Olympics, while Owens has signed a $4.75 million contract with the Chicago Bears for two years. Additionally, the athletic couple is building their dream house in Houston.

Reflecting on their relationship after a year of marriage, Biles humorously mentioned that they still feel like they’re dating. She said, “We’re still dating, you know? Yeah. Married life is no different.” Balancing professional sports careers and their relationship isn’t easy, but Simone Biles and Jonathan Owens are up for the challenge.

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People May Ask

What does Simone Biles’ husband do for a living? 

Simone Biles’ husband, Jonathan Owens, is an American football player. He currently serves as a strong safety for the Chicago Bears in the NFL. Before joining the Bears, he played for the Green Bay Packers and the Houston Texans.

Who is Jonathan Owens playing for? 

Jonathan Owens is currently playing for the Chicago Bears in the NFL.

How many times did Simone Biles get married? 

Simone Biles got married twice. First, she had a low-key courthouse marriage with Jonathan Owens in Houston. Later, they celebrated with a more extravagant destination wedding in Mexico.

Who is the father of Simone Biles’ baby? 

Simone Biles’ niece, Ronni Louise Biles, is the adorable baby in her family. Ronni is the daughter of Simone’s brother, Ron Biles Jr., and his wife. Simone shares a close bond with her family, and Ronni’s arrival has brought them even closer.