Frank Abagnale’s Wife: Kelly Anne Welbes Abagnale

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Kelly Anne Welbes Abagnale is married to Frank Abagnale, who used to do bad things. She has helped Frank a lot. We will talk about how she made her husband go from a wrong person to someone who helps catch bad people.

They are a great example for others. Keep reading to find out more about Kelly Anne Welbes Abagnale, Frank Abagnale’s wife.

Kelly Anne Welbes Abagnale: Who Is She

Kelly Anne Welbes Abagnale is Frank Abagnale’s wife. She was born in the United States in 1954. They live on Daniel Island near Charleston and have three kids: Scott Abagnale, Sean Abagnale, and Chris Abagnale. Kelly Anne is 68 years old as of 2022.

Frank Abagnale and his wife, Kelly Anne Welbes Abagnale
Frank Abagnale and his wife, Kelly Anne Welbes Abagnale

Frank Abagnale, Kelly Anne’s husband, is an American writer and used to be in trouble with the law. He worked as a lawyer in Louisiana and, according to some reports, he was also a doctor in Georgia and a pilot for Pan American World Airways.

Frank Abagnale: Kelly Anne Welbes Abagnale’s husband

When Frank Abagnale was just 15, he used to trick people and write bad checks. At that age, he got caught by the police many times and was put in jail in both the United States and Europe.

Frank Abagnale is also a writer. He worked on a book about his life called “Catch Me If You Can.” A famous director named Steven Spielberg made a movie based on this book.

In the movie, a well-known actor, Leonardo DiCaprio, played Frank’s character. Besides “Catch Me If You Can,” Frank wrote four other books.

Frank Abagnale talked about how his father gave him a credit card for buying gasoline and a truck, in an interview. However, he ended up with a bill of $3400 on the card because of his actions. For this, his father sent him to a special school in Westchester County, New York, which Catholic Charities USA ran.

In 1964, he joined the United States Navy, but his time there was very short, less than 3 months. The police in his area arrested him for making fake documents, and he was given a four-month prison sentence. In 1969, he cheated 2 local families and was arrested again.

Between the ages of 16 and 21, he had been arrested several times. However, when he met Kelly, his life changed. Now, Frank works to stop bad things from happening. He works at Quantico and is part of the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation).

He also teaches at the FBI training school and has been doing this for over 40 years. Besides being an expert in preventing bad things, Frank also has his own company called Abagnale and Associates, where he gives advice and help to others.

How Kelly Anne Welbes and Frank Abagnale Met

Kelly Anne Welbes Abagnale worked as a cashier in a grocery store, and that is where she first met Frank. At that time, Kelly Anne was 22 years old, and Frank was 28.

Once they met, they really liked each other, and a few months later, they decided to get married. Frank said that meeting Kelly was a big inspiration that changed his life. At that time, he was working secretly for the FBI.

Their meeting was a surprise, and they never expected to find their true love at that moment. They got married on November 6, 1976. Since they met, they have been deeply in love and have never been apart.

Kelly Anne Welbes Abagnale’s Net Worth

We do not know what job Kelly Anne Welbes Abagnale does, but Kelly Abagnale and Frank Abagnale have enough money to pay for their needs.


Frank Abagnale once said that he is never been a part of a group doing bad things if Kelly Anne had not come into his life. Frank used to break the rules many times, but now he works to enforce the rules. This is all possible because of the encouragement from his wife. They are now living happily in their own house.

The story of Kelly and Frank shows us how respect and trust can change lives. This is what we know about Kelly Anne Welbes Abagnale.

Some FAQs

How Frank Abagnale Met His Wife

Frank Abagnale met his wife, Kelly, while he was working secretly for the FBI. He was investigating a place where Kelly, who was from Houston and had a master’s degree in child psychology, worked. It was an orphanage.

When his undercover job was done, he wanted to keep the relationship with Kelly, so he had to tell her the truth about his real identity.

Who Frank Abagnale Married

He and his wife, Kelly, and their three sons, moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma. They lived in the same house for 25 years. When their sons left for college and jobs in other places, Kelly suggested they should leave Tulsa. So, they decided to move to Charleston, South Carolina.

Did Frank Abagnale, Marry Brenda

On his way to pretending to be a doctor at a hospital, Frank met Brenda Strong, and he truly fell in love with her. They even planned to get married. However, during the wedding, Carl and the FBI showed up, and Frank had to confess his real name and that he was a fraud.

Did Frank Abagnale see his mother again

Frank Abagnale was very sad and scared when he ran out of the courtroom in Manhattan. He never saw his father again, and it took seven years before he saw his mother.

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