How to Join a Blooket Game online on

Blooket is an educational gaming platform that aims to introduce fun to education. So, different games, including quizzes or puzzles for kids, are also controlled by the Teacher. The children must use their own phones to respond.

The games in trivia quizzes are welcomed by parents who sign their kids up for a Blooket account since this gives them an opportunity to learn while playing.

What is Blooket Join

The play blooket is a very new site as far as online quiz or trivia options for teachers are concerned. This is a website, not an app. When you create a teacher account, you can then choose to make “sets” of all kinds of questions that are particular to any topic. You may also search for “sets” made by other teachers. Each group of questions may be used as a ground to play games with other students students, participate in it.

Blooket differs from the other sites that I have used with students because similar questions can be used to play different game types. Indeed, a teacher can set up games such as Gold Quest, Battle Royale or Classic Game (like Kahoot), and along with another 5 other games to choose from.

Joining a trivia game on Blooket

Students do not have to register an account. All they need to do is connect to a game you are hosting after you visit the website and enter the pin that you get after initiating hosting the game. Most games are self-paced and do not demand that students see the screen of the teacher, this makes it a viable option if you play in a virtual classroom.

In groups, games can be administered where students play concurrently or get used as tasks for the students to complete within a given time.

However, some evident advantages were revealed when I started looking around the site and playing a few activities with my 5th graders. Before you try the game with students, there are a few points to note.

Here are steps to join Booklet game:

  • Visit to the page on the Blooket website.
Booklet game home page
  • Next, click on the ‘log-in’ button.
blooket login home page
  • Once all the information is finished, you only have to push the “ let’s go” button in order to open Blooket’s dashboard “let us start” button for entering into Blooket’s dash.
blooket login page
  • When you finish doing the Blooket Join login procedure, a new web page will appear where players can play games. Produce joining codes, even game pins.

What is hosting a Game in Blooket?

  1. When you have found the item that you would like to use, simply click on it to get taken to the page of this set.
  2. Choose“Host”
  3. Select an option to play

As of now, there are 12 game modes available on the internet to be played live:
Deceptive Dinos, Monster Brawl, Gold Quest, Tower Defense, Cafe, Blook Rush, Racing, Battle Royale, Factory, and Classic. Tower of Doom and Crazy Kingdom can only be played with a partner or for homework.

  1. When the game mode is selected, select “Host”.
  2. Alternatively, set the goal or make the deadline that suits you best.
  • The Game Instructions displays a simple game instruction prior to the game’s commencement.
  • Allow Late joining: Permits students to enter the game after it has begun
  • Users are given randomly named names by Utilize Random Names. By turning off this feature, students will enter themselves as their names. The students should key in their real names if the reports quality must be enhanced after games.
  • Allow Student AccountsTurning off this feature will block student account creation (the default should be enabled)
  1. When ready to host, select “Host Now.”
  2. Here are some methods and tricks using which you can encourage your students to play the game. Look at some:
  • Visit and enter the 6-digit game code
  • Their camera device can be used to scan the QR code.
  • If you copy-paste this link and have distributed copies of the same, students may click that link to enrol (useful for online sessions).
  1. Once all students have joined the game, click ‘Start’ to start playing.

What is the process of joining a Blooket play Game?

Here is how to play a live Blooket game by following the given steps:

  • To begin, you need to open the web browser.
  • Then proceed to
  • Either tap “Join a Game” or hit the “Join a Game” button.
  • This is to the left of the screen. It is placed close to the logo of “Blooket”.
  • This will open a new webpage for you to navigate.
  • Place the Blooket game ID codes below.
  • You will need a login to an account on Google.
  • You can also register another Blooket account and use it to enjoy the games.
  • After that, obey the rules dictated on the game screen and enjoy it till you are charged up.
  • Thus, your children will be having fun while playing the game and learning at the same time.

These are all that you need to know in order for you to get involved with a Blooket match using their live games ID code. Blooket also provides quizzes requiring players to guess popular Roblox games’ names. If you are looking to increase the knowledge of your child and win prizes while playing the game, check out RobloxGame Codes and Robloop Promo Codes.

How does one start a Blooket Game Without An Account?

Playing Blooket typically involves registration of the players to play or getting involved in games. Signing up allows you to have a better experience, for instance, by keeping your records of progress and scores.

If Blooket asks players to register for an account, you must sign up for your account prior to playing a game. Creating a budget is easy and quick because all it requires is just an email address and a password.

What Is the Game Mode, and How Can You Play It with Blooket?

After signing in, select your preferred game mode. Blooket has three play modes; class mode for the educational settings, team play where one plays with others and solo play which is when to play alone.

Blooket Game Hosting

Once you have created the Blooket account, then one can start developing a game and use it with students. Follow the steps below:

  • When you have decided on the pack you want to toy around with, click it in order to open the page for that set.
  • Choose a set, and pick the host.
  • Select the type of gameplay you want to engage in, such as Monster Brawl, Gold Quest, Deceptive Dinos
  • When you have decided on the option for your game, click “Host”.
  • Set the time limit

Show Instructions

All game rules are shown before the beginning of the competition.

Allow Late Entry

Once the game starts, students can play it.

Used Random Names

Randomize the names of participants. Students can submit their names, when this option is off. We recommend that players use the specified phrases in sequences to make postgame reports more informative.

Allow Accounts of students:

Deactivating this option can prevent students from creating accounts (activating it is recommended).

  • If you are good to go as soon as you are ready to start, click “Go Live Now”.
  • Tell and distribute the code of 66 digits for those who wish to play.
  • When all your students are registered in the game, click Start to join the play.


Blooket is free to get

We are also interested in whether this will continue to be the case with many websites and apps being changed as increasing numbers of people use it. It will not necessarily be entirely free. There are means of financing upgrades.


In several games, students have the chance to answer questions at their own pace. They do not need to wait for a particular time to elapse or until all assignments are completed before proceeding.


The choices offered in the game make students team up. This game always has an element of randomness, which makes the students very excited and, thus, enjoyable about the game.

Different game, same questions

Not all the series of tests require a new game. Instead, You can use various game substitutes following one question set created by using the teacher’s account. Note that these sets may be constructed by you or tracked through the site search function.

Very engaging

A number of games excited my fifth graders. So, the teacher from next to us popped up to have a look at what we were playing because the kids were noisy. However, they shouted about naming the notes that we have on our staff for treble cleft, and I would take advantage of this.


Students have to re-read the questions

As students work at their own pace, teachers cannot be able to read every question, and no reader can be merged into the site. This website is a suitable choice for older students.

Add many questions

Every time you play, you can decide if the game will terminate at a specific length (such as 7 hours for students to finish the game) or when a certain number has been reached. The game will continue until you decide to end it.

Therefore, fast students would be constantly getting the same questions yet again until there are a sufficient amount of questions in the set. This is different when you work on a skill which has to be repeated, such as taking notes. Nevertheless, it is a matter to consider in light of the purpose of using Blooket.

You cannot edit question sets that others have created

If you find questions that are same as set you want but not identical, you must create a completely new set. There is no opportunity for replication and editing question sets that have been done by other individuals.

However, students need access to their student information.

Unless you have a paid account. Health Urdu One cannot view responses concerning questions skipped. This is why Blooket is the best option for playing review games but not for the assessment. A maximum of 60 students are allowed in every game. However, if the group is larger, then there are only 60 players who can participate in a game using a free account.

Some difficult games are also there

The first time I played along with my students, the Blooket created out their guinea- pigs trying a new website at that point in time. However, there were games (Battle Royale and Gold Quest) that were so easy to understand and everyone was well aware of what they needed to do in order for them to win the game.

There are games that are harder than others (for example, Cafe and Factory) as they require more knowledge, planning and patience since there are a number of options to take into consideration while deciding who wins.

It may have directions that are simplified before the onset of the game, but I have not discovered any region where these instructions were clearly written for teachers to go through before engaging in the game. Start practicing, or find your own guinea pigs who want to experience this game!


Blooket has many benefits for the teacher and student. The teacher can use the website to design a game for children. Students can use the game with or without the blooket join coding. I hope that the above methods would improve your children and students’ ability to learn.

People May Also Ask

How do I play Blooket?

Such an operation implies the teacher/host chooses a question set and one-of-a kind game mode. After that, we create a code through which players on their own devices can join the game. When the game begins, players will answer questions to determine their success.

What is the Blooket code?

Blooket codes are unique codes that can unlock perks, such as blooks, powerups and coins. The login codes are generated by your teacher or the ‘game owners’ whose game is being created on Blooket and who wish to share those codes with others who want to join the game. Therefore, the optimal choice for the Blooket login code is your teacher.

Is it possible to play a Blooket game without a code?

Normally, students join a Blooket game with the code provided by a teacher or game host. However, some of the games on Blooket can be accessed in public without a code.

Is Blooket free?

Play up to 60 students for free, and it costs $36 a year per school of 300 users or five dollars monthly. However, with the paid versions, you gain access to more and better reporting as well as additional games.

Is Blooket starter free?

All our basic features are free! There can be an unlimited number of questions set, and you are able to run a game involving up to 60 participants (300 people for Plus members except Racing and team modes). For more detailed guides, view our full article(s) here: This is a Blooket Quick Start Guide for Teachers.

Can I play Blooket on my own?

According to the game mode, games can be played singularly or as a team and even assigned as homework. Modes also differ in terms of the team sizes.