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20 March 2008
A new section for 2008 Publications is added in Publications (listed both by Year and Topic) for the latest DATOS journal article on HIV risk among the DATOS adult sample.

21 September 2007
The Publications Section now features a new Web page for Special Collections of the DATOS Publications.”  The four collections are located in these journal special issues:
Methods and 1-Year Outcomes
  (1997 in Psychology of Addictive Behaviors)
Treatment Process, Engagement, and Retention
  (1999 in Drug and Alcohol Dependence)
Adolescent Treatment Outcomes
  (2001 in Journal of Adolescent Research)
5-year Outcomes and Recovery Patterns
  (2003 in Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment)

14 July 2006
The latest DATOS journal articles and book chapter are updated in the Publications pages, listed by Year and Topic.

17 December 2003
Funding for the DATOS project has ended, but a concluding set of 5-year outcome studies is published in a special issue of Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment and brings the total publications from this project to 85.

20 August 2003
Conference Presentations A new section of the Presentations page provides PDF handout files of conference presentations on special topics.

27 September 2002
New Search page A new Search page (powered by the very popular Google search engine) facilitates the overall usefulness of the site for visitors.

23 September 2002
New Publications Pages DATOS publications are now listed in two categories: Listed by Year, and Listed by Topics.  

17 July 2002
Adults 5-Year Outcomes Archives of General Psychiatry publishes new 5-year outcome study based on adults treated for cocaine dependence.

14 May 2002
Special DATOS review Drug and Alcohol Findings (Mike Ashton, Editor) provides a comprehensive external review of DATOS research and policy implications (PDF; 2.15 MB / 10 pages).

19 December 2001
New Web Site Design The DATOS Web site is redesigned to streamline access and highlight studies focused on Adolescents versus Adults.

16 July 2001
New Publication Abstract — The Publications page has a new abstract for a journal article previously “in press.”  The new article, published in Archives in General Psychiatry, summarizes new treatment effectiveness findings for adolescents.

05 April 2001
The National Science Teachers Association has chosen the DATOS Web Poster, "Cocaine/Crack Use and Treatment Dropouts in DATOS" (Rowan-Szal, Joe, & Simpson, CPDD, 1997) to participate in their sciLINK program, which connects science textbooks and teacher publications to useful online content.

21 March 2001
The Publications page now lists "in press" articles of the upcoming special issue of Journal of Adolescent Research.  These articles will feature 1-year outcome findings from the DATOS-Adolescent Project (DATOS-A).

31 January 2001
1998 Publication Abstracts added — The Publications page now has 2 1998 abstracts that feature studies from the NDRI research center on gender comparison for adolescent drug treatment clients and women who enter treatment.

3 January 2001
New Publication Abstract -- The Publications page has a new abstract for a journal article previously "in press."  The new article is: Therapeutic communities: Diversity in treatment elements, published in Substance Use & Misuse.

November 2000
Entries have been added to the DATOS Publications list, including two newly published items from the UCLA research center (Grella and colleagues) and several "in press" items. 

4 August 2000
Web Poster -- James Porto and Patrick Flynn presented "Determining Best Organizational Practices among Community-Based Treatment Providers: A Two-Stage Data Envelopment Analysis" at the CPDD conference in June, and this poster has been added to the DATOS Web Posters selections.

17 July 2000
TCU newsletter features reports of findings from DATOS meeting at TCU Forum
(from IBR/TCU Web site: HTML; also in PDF, 203KB / 8 pages)

30 June 2000
New DATOS Presentations on research findings are now available to download in Microsoft PowerPointŪ 2000:
1. Overview of Treatment Outcome Studies (PPT; 307KB / 20 slides)
2. Overview of Treatment Retention Findings (PPT; 429KB / 19 slides)
3. Overview of Treatment Engagement Findings (PPT; 215KB / 13 slides)
4. Overview of Cocaine Treatment Study (PPT; 243KB / 14 slides)

18 August 1999
The DATOS homepage and web site now offers a new design that promotes user-friendly navigation and facilitates information retrieval.

18 September 1998
Check out the new enhancement on the Publications page.  For each publication with an abstract, a button is located right below the citation that opens its abstract in a separate window for viewing and printing.

28 August 1998
New Publication Abstrac — The Publications page has a new abstract for a journal article previously "in press."  The article is: Relationships between drug treatment careers and outcomes: Findings from the national Drug Abuse Treatment Outcome Study, published in Evaluation Review.

7 August 1998
Additional Web Poster — Dr. Patrick Flynn's (NDRI) presentation at the CPDD conference in June has been added to the DATOS Web Posters selections.  His presentation is entitled, "Neuropsychological Impairment Among Cocaine Dependent Treatment Clients."

22 July 1998

New DATOS Web Posters — Selected DATOS conference and meeting presentations are now available through this site.  The Web Posters page gives viewing instructions and links to the posters' title pages.

6 May 1998

DATOS Data Files Available This Summer -- The Cooperative DATOS Steering Committee and the National Institute on Drug Abuse are pleased to announce that data files on the 10,010 admissions to DATOS will be available in August 1998 to interested researchers from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Data Archive (SAMHDA) at the University of Michigan.  More information is available through the Internet at www.icpsr.umich.edu/SAMHDA.   SAMHDA is an initiative of the Office of Applied Studies at the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

7 April 1998

After a year of planning, the new DATOS Web site is here.   Dr. Dwayne Simpson, Director of the Institute of Behavioral Research (IBR) at TCU, serves as the site's Managing Editor.  He explains the site's purpose: "It is part of a commitment to make findings from this major study more accessible to a broader audience."  The site provides descriptive and historical information about the project, as well as bibliographies, abstracts, data charts, and summaries of recent findings. As future DATOS studies are completed, additional findings will be posted and referenced.  Also look for coming highlights from conference presentations, posters, and symposia.

The IBR Web team develops and maintains the site at Texas Christian University.  Please send site comments to the Webmaster.

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